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Being responsible for the life cycle of your organizations network comes with challenges. Let’s explore your options.
By Louis Serlenga
Read Suresh Katukam’s predictions on the enterprise network and how the technologies it employs will be used in new and interesting ways in 2024.
By Suresh Katukam
Ever tried getting a stubborn coffee machine to work, only to find out it just needed a simple reboot? Sometimes, our network connectivity in university and college campuses feel like that old coffee machine. They’re thirsting for a digital revamp.
By Özer Dondurmacıoğlu
In an era dominated by digitalization, our higher education institutions are paradoxically trapped in a time warp. As academia takes giant strides forward, the underlying technology infrastructure across the campus — specifically, the wired and wireless network connectivity — often remains mired in practices and frameworks of a bygone age. This status quo isn’t just outdated; it’s becoming a liability.
By Özer Dondurmacıoğlu
In classrooms, teachers and students are always connected. And for obvious reasons, they cannot afford to experience any downtime or network related disruptions – impeding effective teaching and learning.
By Özer Dondurmacıoğlu
CIOs in primary education institutions manage a demanding set of objectives with a fraction of the resources, both human and capital, than those of their private sector peers.
By Özer Dondurmacıoğlu
This article explores how optimizing efficiency while supporting staff is essential to overcoming current challenges. By taking a data-driven approach, fostering agility, transforming IT management, and rallying collaborative efforts, institutions can infuse resilience into all facets of the organization.
By Michel Davidoff
The digital revolution has undeniably permeated primary education, ushering in an era where classrooms extend beyond four walls, where teaching tools have evol
By Özer Dondurmacıoğlu
Precisely five years ago today, we launched Nile with the goal of creating a fundamentally new approach to the enterprise access network. About a year ago, the Nile Access Service became generally available to enterprises everywhere as the first, major step in fulfilling that goal.
By Pankaj Patel
In an age of ever-increasing network complexity, the number of resources and time required to manage it are in short supply.
By Shaman Anderson
St. Albert the Great expands on their Nile Network across campus to enhance the learning experience, streamline operations and enable teachers to focus on educating students.
By Jasmine Shah
What does building a cabinet have in common with deploying current enterprise networks and current NaaS offerings?
By Calvin Nguyen
The ChatGPT experience reminded me of the Nile service in as much as it saves time.
By Prem Andrzejek
Neil Clover, CTO at SDI shares his views on Nile’s journey to simplify enterprise networks. Neil makes a delightful correlation between dairy farming and legacy network architectures, inspired by Thoreau’s Walden.
By Neil Clover
Rarely are we presented with a simple idea big enough to truly disrupt. Read how Nile redefines enterprise networking technology.
By Sumant Mandal and Hyun Koo
Why are decades of networking complexity bogging organizations down? We are ready for change, are you?
By Suresh Katukam
John Chambers explains his “lightbulb” moment behind Nile and why he’s excited to bring Nile to the market.
By John Chambers
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