Our Responsibility to
make an Impact.

Our Responsibility to make an Impact.

Giving World-Changers the Power to Change the World

At Nile, we understand the world is changing. Changing faster than ever before. Technology, prosperity, and unbridled ambition have led to disruption, innovation, and unimaginable invention. Game-changers in every industry –from farms to factories, hospitals to high schools, centuries-old banks to stealth-mode startups, – aren’t just changing the game; they’re redefining it.

We believe innovators deserve to innovate and are proud to deliver simple, secure, reliable solutions that allow for seamless, always-on-never-off service that’s as natural and intuitive as taking a breath.

Our promise to the communities around us​

As an organization that embraces change, it is our mission to align our organizations social responsibility with our day-to-day operations, acting as strong global citizens with focus on the environment, sustainability, and governance.

At Nile, we are committed to implementing and maintaining the highest standards in every facet of our organization. Within Nile, we recognize our services, and our business model directly impacts individuals, worldwide – including customers, employees, partners, investors, and the greater communities we serve. Acting as a “sustainable” business means cultivating strong connections with each stakeholder and applying empathy and consideration to the issues that matter most to them.

Our social impact pillars​

Responsible Governance

Adherence to a strong governance model enables Nile to build a sustainable, better future for stakeholders at all levels.

Addressing the Supply Chain​

Driving positive changes begins with our products, people, and processes.

Serving our Stakeholders​

Everything with everyone in mind. See how Nile’s focus on serving all stakeholders is a top priority.

A Letter from Our CEO​

At Nile, we believe in One Team, One Mission mentality. This does not start and stop inside the organization, but rather expands to our partners, stakeholders, and the communities around us. As an organization that embraces an environment of continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence, I understand the importance of meeting the needs of our partners and customers, while motivating our existing talent through continuous growth and opportunity and attracting new and different skill sets to Nile.

Implementing this evolutionary mindset is and will continue to be a critical part of the Nile culture. As we have seen across the world over the past two years, many have faced challenges brought on by the pandemic. What we have witnessed is an unparalleled willingness to embrace change. A willingness that embodies what I believe will broaden opportunities for everyone within the Nile family.

As a result of the past four years of building the Nile organization, it has been a primary focus to assure we have a strong commitment to sustainability and have the appropriate processes, tools, and talent in place to see through the actions required to act on our commitments to those around us. Sustainability is and will always be an important part of our history and an essential element of our future and we will take all necessary actions to uphold our commitments in key focus areas of “Responsible Governance”, “Addressing the Supply Chain,” and “Serving our Stakeholders”.

Understanding that corporate strategy and our commitment to sustainability are strongly connected, our Board of Directors will act responsibly and make our commitment to this area a strategic initiative with the formation of a dedicated committee, built from members of our Nile family to own and report on these efforts. The focused committee will assist in uplifting our company and will help guide us as we lead the industry toward a more sustainable future.

Furthering our commitment to our communities and team members, it is my promise to assure that diversity is a core corporate value. It is my belief that Nile is at its greatest when our organization embraces differing points of view and experiences. At Nile we believe that at the heart of our culture should always be diversity, inclusivity, and individuality of all connected to the organization. To that end, we offer an environment that invites every person connected to our organization access to leadership, an inclusive environment where each team member feels involved in the success of the organization, and one where it is encouraged to always have open and honest conversations. This is what makes the “One Team. One Mission.” vision so strong.

As we look ahead, I am very excited about the path ahead for Nile. I see a path that is flourishing with opportunity, for our employees, partners, and stakeholders, now and for many years ahead.

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