Nile and Net One Systems Usher In a New Era in Wired & Wireless LAN to Japan

Nile and Net One Systems Usher In a New Era in Wired & Wireless LAN to Japan

Today marks another major milestone in Nile’s mission to forever reshape the enterprise networking landscape. Nile has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the prominent Japanese systems integrator, Net One Systems. This collaboration introduces Nile’s Access Service for the campus network to Net One Systems’ advanced solutions portfolio. Characterized by guaranteed service outcomes, built in zero-trust principles, automated lifecycle management, and a flexible subscription-based model, Nile’s approach helps organizations shed costly operational burdens while delivering a more reliable and secure connectivity experience. Nile’s mission closely aligns with Net One Systems’ core purpose of unleashing the potential of people and networks and creating a more prosperous future by enabling greater innovation. Together Net One Systems and Nile will usher in this new era of networking to the Japanese market.

"We are delighted to partner with Nile, a leader in the enterprise networking arena. With the growing traction of NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) in the United States, it's an opportune moment to introduce Nile’s technology to the Japanese market. Since Net One’s inception, we have relentlessly pursued the possibilities in innovation in enterprise networks. Nile's visionary approach has the potential to significantly change the traditional IT infrastructure market. This partnership between Nile and Net One will be a game changer for the Japanese market," stated Net One Systems CTO, Fumihiko Shinoura.

Under the terms of the MOU, Net One Systems and Nile have agreed to the following objectives. First, Net One Systems will resell the Nile Access Service to the Japanese enterprise market. In addition, by 2024, Net One Systems and Nile will work together to develop a unique branded service for Net One Systems that will be powered by Nile technology. Finally, Net One Systems will introduce Nile Access Service into new markets beyond enterprise IT.

Nile’s co-founder and CEO, Pankaj Patel, says, “In partnership with Net One Systems, we aim to revolutionize the way enterprise networks are delivered in Japan. Given today's IT challenges with complex and costly networks, many companies are now turning to cloud based solutions and ‘as a service’ models. Together, NetOne Systems and Nile are dedicated to offering future-ready solutions to address these needs.”

So, what can customers expect from this groundbreaking partnership? A commitment to simplicity, a promise of unparalleled innovation, and a vision for the future that will raise the bar for how people and places are connected. Together with Net One Systems, Nile is not just shaping the future of enterprise networking; we're defining it. You can read more about this news in NetOne Systems’ press release here.


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