Drive a High-Tech
Learning Environment

NaaS by Nile provides K-12 schools with enterprise-grade wired and wireless connectivity entirely as a service.

Why turn to NaaS by Nile?

64% of students experience unstable internet connections, interrupting the learning process. The Nile experience brings secure, high-definition connectivity to create a seamless, no-chaos classroom for students and staff. 

High-Capacity, High-Definition Connectivity

Support every learning environment with a network built for today’s and tomorrow’s classrooms. 


Protect minors by implementing a network based on zero trust.

Offload Network Operations

Enable teachers to focus on education and offload Day 0 – Day N operations.

Annual Billing

Shift to a flexible and predictable cost model that’s E-Rate Eligible.

High-Capacity, High-Definition Connectivity

Experience a reliable and high-performing network as a service. Nile

  • Supports the capacity and density of your school. 
  • Facilitates every learning environment (state testing to in-class learning). 
  • Optimizes network performance with integrated AI.
connectivity for exceptional educational experiences

Integrated security

Zero trust protects students and staff from hackers, unauthorized access, and malware. 

  • Authorizes access to the network from anywhere. 
  • Secures every type of IoT device from spreading malware. 
  • Encrypts traffic and stops hackers in their tracks.

Offload network operations

Experience no complexity or compromises with a network your school needs. Nile 

  • Offloads the network lifecycle from Day 0 – Day N operations. 
  • Delivers software upgrades without impacting uptime.
  • Eliminates multi-vendor contracts for a simple network experience. 

Scalable and Flexible

Nile brings predictability to the cost of the network allowing you to refocus spending to enhance the student experience. 

  • Pay only for what you use. 
  • Minimize upfront hardware costs and costly add-ons.
  • Easily scale up or down depending on the needs of the organization.

E-Rate eligible NaaS

Keep track of costs and provide connectivity with funds from E-Rate. NaaS by Nile is

  • Eligible for E-Rate category 2 funding. 
  • Qualify for up to a 90% discount.
  • Simple to use and deploy for a high-tech learning environment.

St. Albert the Great Catholic School

Hear From Our Customers

Ninety percent of the IT tickets I received were for connectivity issues. This resulted in some very frustrated teachers having a tough time leveraging technology in their lesson plans.
Merrill Ballinger
IT Director, Cripple Creek-Victor School District
It is reassuring to know that our network here at our school is working whenever we need it, 24/7.
Marissa Cardenas
Office Manager, St. Albert the Great Catholic School
After our experience with Nile, there's nobody else that we would go with... They have been that good.
Rochelle Perez
Computer Technology Teacher

How Nile Drives a High-Tech Learning Environment

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