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Drive a High-Tech
Learning Environment

Nile provides high-performance wireless and wired connectivity for your K-12 school, delivered entirely as a service.

Why turn to Network as a Service?

64% of students experience unstable internet connections, interrupting the learning process. The Nile experience brings guaranteed always-on Wi-Fi 6 connectivity with built-in security for your students and staff.

Always- on connectivity, guaranteed

Experience uninterrupted learning for every student and staff.


Built upon zero trust, your network connectivity is secured for minors.

Only pay for
what you use

Simple pay-as-you-go pricing scales up or down based on actual usage.

Eliminate hardware conversations

Nile offloads your lifecycle management. Eliminate hardware or software worries.

Guaranteed Connectivity for Exceptional Educational Experiences

On the Nile network, feel confident that your users and devices are always connected. Engineered and tailored for your campus needs, Nile delivers your campus LAN network completely as a service.
  • Nile sensors conduct 360˚ continuous monitoring, backed by AI-based software bots that measure and verify your network SLAs for availability, capacity, and coverage
  • Nile’s highly resilient, highly redundant enterprise-grade network delivers voice-video grade capacity across wired and wireless
  • From initial site-survey, Nile designs your network to accommodate all your network devices: IoT, mobile, desktop, and smartboards
connectivity for exceptional educational experiences

Next-Generation Connectivity for Your Students Anytime, Anywhere

Today’s learning classrooms are high-tech learning centers – filled with Chromebooks, tablets and other BYODs. An uninterrupted learning experience across your campus means your students can access the tools and information they need to succeed. From a quiet classroom or computer lab, to critical online testing times, the network is guaranteed to perform.

Full Lifecycle Management

Delivering your K-12 network completely as-a-service means we do it all. From site-planning, installation, security, 360° monitoring, to full lifecycle management – Nile was engineered from the ground-up with deep security, while delivering a guaranteed always-on Wi-Fi 6e connectivity experience.

St. Albert the Great Catholic School

The Nile Difference

The Nile Network as a Service is backed by a strict Service Level Agreement giving your school, teachers, and students the assurance that they will always have high performance, secure connectivity.

We custom design your network to meet the requirements of your students, staff, and school. We perform the site-survey, take of care the procurement, and deploy the network for you.

Get guaranteed connectivity to ensure all students and staff are supported with the full bandwidth they need. Student density is not a problem. We got it!

We design the network to guarantee end-to-end WiFi 6 coverage for your entire school site. No more intermittent connectivity.

Deep instrumentation and AI-based software bots conduct 24×7 analysis of the network and automatically self-tune problem areas to maintain optimal performance.

Nile automates lifecycle management. Inclusive of hardware refreshes, software upgrades and security patches.

How Nile Drives a High-Tech Learning Environment

Hear From Our Customers

It is reassuring to know that our network here at our school is working whenever we need it, 24/7.
Marissa Cardenas
Office Manager, St. Albert the Great Catholic School
After our experience with Nile, there's nobody else that we would go with... They have been that good.
Rochelle Perez
Computer Technology Teacher

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