When Is NaaS Right for Me?

Transitioning to Network as a Service (NaaS) at just the right time avoids disruption, increases efficiency, and preserves the cost savings associated with this approach to enterprise networking.

When key business milestones occur

In the lifecycle of any organization, milestones occur that signal an opportunity for a change in technology strategy. This can be a great time to switch to NaaS.

New building/new office
Office relocation or new sites are the chance to reconsider infrastructure choices while minimizing any disruption of day-to-day activities.
Technology refresh
When the wired or wireless infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life is a natural time to make the switch to NaaS.
Any EoL/EoS leads to a dead end when it comes to product support and new features–a great time to switch to NaaS.

When external factors affect an organization

Sometimes outside variables require a change in an organization’s technology strategy.

When financial considerations take center stage

Most organizations place financial concerns high on their list of priorities, and they always factor into technology decisions.

When strategic initiatives call for a new approach

Don’t focus so much on tactical day-to-day concerns at the expense of a longer-range strategy to drive business success.
Digital transformation—NaaS allows the reallocation of IT resources from routine network operations to more strategic activities. In this way, Network as a Service can help achieve digital transformation.
Outsourcing initiatives—More organizations than ever are outsourcing selected activities and functions. Why not outsource network operations with NaaS?
Network as a Service isn’t right for every organization at every point in time. But if one or more of the above apply, the time is probably right for NaaS.

What are the benefits of NaaS?

NaaS enables strategic business growth by providing -aaS benefits like scalability, agility, and flexibility to campus enterprise networks. NaaS streamlines operations by offloading Day 0 to Day N. It reduces TCO with an OpEx consumption model. It also improves user experience with guaranteed network performance levels.

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