Top 7 IT Pain Points
and How Nile Solves Them

As we watch the trend of full remote workforces’ transition back to in-person, the need for an always-on network that your organization can rely on has never been more critical. In today’s world, enterprise network solutions are complex, costly, and inherently insecure. Nile’s founders understand the network is the foundation of your business and with it comes common pain points most companies experience.

Pain Point #7

Network Software Updates

Software updates are an inevitable truth. Similar to security patches… they are scary to implement. Any change to the network causes consternation – will this impact the performance of my network? Will something break? The natural reaction is to avoid these software updates, which contribute to network underperformance.

All software updates are performed in-service through Nile’s advanced automation. Gone are the days of procrastinating network updates out of fear of possible performance impacts.

Pain Point #6

Security: Staying Ahead of the Game

Security patches are paramount to helping keep your network up-to-date against the latest threats. And yet, any change to the network, even a security patch, causes consternation – will this impact the performance of my network? Will something break? And so the natural reaction is to avoid these security updates which them leads to unsecure networks. 

With the Nile service, all security patches are performed in-service by Nile. We take this pain right off your plate to help ensure your network has the latest protection.

Pain Point #5

Budget Impact: Network Needs Versus Budget

There is always the negotiation between what our network needs (based on initial site survey designing the need and the budget compromises behind that). Why can’t we deploy the exact infrastructure that our business needs?

With Nile, what the site survey determines is your network need is precisely what you will get, if not more. All of this is included within the Nile service on a single pay-per-user model.

Pain Point #4

Talent: Attaining and Retaining Staff Expertise

Attaining IT expertise is difficult. Taking on an existing network infrastructure from a previous expert is difficult and complex as no two networks are the same.

Leveraging the strategic value of IT experts is difficult due to alert fatigue and the constant tactical battle to keep the network running and available.

The Nile service is uniquely capable of guaranteeing network performance via SLAs around user and device availability, capacity, and coverage. With this, IT talent can offload tactical network performance issues that result in alert-fatigue and instead focus on using the network to deliver on strategic network value.

Pain Point #3

Security: Constant Advanced Threats

There are too many ways to attack the network and hold companies hostage. From vulnerable IoT devices, to technical spoofing the network, to using social engineering to gain access to the network, to infecting employee devices outside the network and then proliferating once on the network.

The Nile network architecture is engineered from the ground around the principles of zero trust, securing access to the network and thru the network.

Pain Point #2

Network Complexity: Networks Are a Beast

It starts with technical planning of the architecture and which protocols to employ. Then determining, from a plethora of similar choices, the right vendor for you. Once you have selected a vendor, you must sift thru the dozens, if not hundreds, of SKUs to determine the exact fit for your business. Some can be too big, some can be too small, some can be too expensive and so we opt for the less expensive. And finally, there is install, configure, and secure that require experts.
The Nile network experience is completely simplified, inclusive of Day -1 thru Day N operations.


Unpredictability of Network Costs


From CapEx costs for hardware, thru hiring certified experts to plan, design, and deploy the network, to the ongoing OpEx costs of change management and troubleshooting, and back into the CapEx costs of network refreshes, the network cost structure is highly dynamic and unpredictable.

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