Verifiable SLAs

Introducing the 1st enterprise network to guarantee network performance.

Engineered to Deliver Outcomes

Nile guarantees your network’s availability, coverage, and capacity. Your network will no longer have pockets of poor connectivity, video glitches, or even downtime.

Always-On Network

Experience guaranteed high-availability for your wired and wireless connectivity.

End-to-End Coverage

Rely on exceptional connectivity that extends to the very edge of your site.

High-Definition Capacity

Count on video-grade quality everywhere for all of your employees and their devices.

Deep Analytics and Automation

Nile’s SLAs are possible with an automation model embedded with deep analytics and sensors.

  • Deep instrumentation design establishes deterministic data sets with 24/7, 360° visibility
  • AI-software bots constantly analyze data to automatically self-tune network performance
  • Any performance outliers that cannot be self-tuned are automatically ticketed for Nile scripting

Ultimate Network Integrity and Stability

The ability to guarantee network performance demands a network design that is robust and reliable:

  • Highly resilient enterprise-grade hardware and software
  • Highly available network with fully redundant design
  • Reduce risk and complexity by eliminating network configuration
  • Remove the impact of human errors in change management
  • Secure network access control by abolishing vLANs
  • In-service software/security upgrades to ensure performance

Verify SLAs with Ease

The Nile Portal offers one-stop insight into your network performance. Real-time visibility and analytics offloads IT from ancillary tickets.

  • Validate the status of each of your SLAs
  • Extend visibility into your network’s context: DHCP and RADIUS servers
  • Gain insight into your business’ top application performance
  • Dive deeper into to every user and device on your network
  • Empowers end-users to validate their own client performance

You have access into the status of your Nile service, your infrastructure, end-user devices, your applications, as well as analytics to confirm your SLAs.

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