Get an E-Rate Ready High-Capacity Network That Self-Tunes

30 mins

What’s disrupting your students’ learning experiences? Network connectivity has been frustratingly unreliable for K-12 schools for too long now – riddled with weak coverage, low-performance capacity, and complexities. It’s time to welcome reliable, high-performance coverage and capacity to every classroom.

K-12 schools simply want a network that works. One that is:

  • Reliable: Built from Day 0 for the capacity and density of a school.
  • Secure: Zero trust built-in to protect student minors and their data from malicious actors
  • Simple: Deliver your network as a service (NaaS)

All eligible under E-Rate.

Join VP of World Wide Channels, Vivek Khemani, and E-Rate expert, Jim Kerr, to see how you can get a complete and unified wired and wireless system completely as a service from Nile.

Let us work with you on your E-Rate bid.

Presented by:

Vivek Khemani
VP, World Wide Channels, Nile
Jim Kerr
E-Rate Expert
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