Nile at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

We at Nile look forward to sharing the full depth and breadth of our enterprise network architecture that serves the needs of technology audiences in Higher Education; IT Networking, IT Security and IT Operations.

Our Panel Speakers

Breakout session: NaaS or No NaaS

We will be hosting a breakout session featuring Russ Kaurloto, Vice Chancellor & CIO at The University of Denver and Raisha Cobb, Associate Provost & CIO at Winston Salem University to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the emerging Network as a Service (NaaS) models for universities and address a key question: is now the time for campuses, specifically, network administrations, to transition to a NaaS model or No NaaS?

Michel Davidoff

Chief Strategist,


Russ Kaurloto

Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer

U of Denver

Raisha Cobb

Associate Provost & Chief Information Officer

Winston Salem U

Brian DeMeulle

Exec. Director, Enterprise Architecture & Infrastructure

UC San Diego

Executive Briefings

We will be offering conference attendees the opportunity to meet with the Nile executive team 1:1 during the conference in a private meeting suite at the conference hall for a more in-depth discussion on the Nile solution.

Happy Hour

Nile invites you to wind down after the EDUCAUSE festivities to enjoy some drinks and appetizers while networking with like minded peers within the higher education community!

Zero Trust has long been a goal of many organizations, one that required a lot of network engineering time and focus, and still rarely achieved its full potential. Nile's holistic approach to security solves the missing link for extending Zero Trust into the network.
Andy Goodenow
CIO, University of Missouri-Kansas City

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