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An enterprise network serves as the backbone of modern organizations, connecting various hardware, software, and other resources within an organization. It enables seamless communication, data exchange, and access to resources across different departments, locations, and remote users.
Hardware-as-a-service, commonly abbreviated as HaaS, refers to a procurement model where businesses obtain physical digital infrastructure resources for campus and branch locations on a subscription basis, rather than purchasing and owning them outright.
Network configuration is the process of setting up and managing the hardware, software, connections, and communication pathways that make up an enterprise network.
AIOps, short for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is the application of machine learning, big data, and other artificial intelligence technologies to automate and improve IT operations.
Network Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) measures the overall cost of building, owning, operating, and managing a network.
A comprehensive Wi-Fi network on a college campus ensures seamless connectivity for students, staff, and guests. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help institutions achieve an optimal wireless environment:
A campus area network links networks in a defined geographic space, like a college campus, corporate facility, or military base. A campus network exceeds the size of a local area network (LAN) yet it offers less coverage than both a metropolitan area network (MAN) and a wide area network (WAN).
Network as a Service (NaaS) is a business model that delivers network services remotely over the Internet. Instead of investing capital expense in their network infrastructure, businesses can purchase these services from a provider on a subscription basis or as and when required.
Enterprise Wi-Fi refers to wireless networks used in a business or education. It’s typically much more robust and feature-rich than home Wi-Fi due to the larger number of devices and users it needs to support.
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