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K-12: Drive a High-Tech Learning Environment with Nile

Nile delivers a complete and unified wired and wireless system as a service for your K-12 school.


of students feel the impact of unstable internet connection.


of teachers have digital game-based learning to enhance lessons.

The increase in demand for a digital learning methods require an extremely reliable, high-performance network.

Today’s classrooms are now high-tech learning centers that empower students to learn, collaborate, and solve problems. Traditional networks are not built for the influx of Chromebooks, tablets, and smartboards simultaneously accessing the internet for digital learning applications. Additionally, securing these minors’ devices is a complexity. All this results in a lack of seamless connectivity that impacts learning ability, time, and cost.

Experience Secure, High-Definition Connectivity

Nile’s network as a service is designed to deliver high-capacity wired and wireless everywhere.

No Hassle, E-Rate Eligible Network as Service

It’s time to welcome reliable, high-performance coverage and capacity to every classroom. Quick deployment and offloaded network management, Nile delivers K-12 schools with a network designed for seamless learning experiences.

Annually billed, we help eliminate high-upfront hardware costs that are compounded with unpredictable add-ons, such as security components and training requirements.

Take the Work Out of the Network

From Day 0 thru Day N, Nile delivers your network completely as a service. Reduced complexities, out of the box security and simplified operations give K-12 the network they need. One that is highly- reliable, highly-secure, and incredibly simple.

Teachers operated in spotty classroom coverage that had them planning for two lessons: one if there was connectivity, and one in case not. The Nile service resulted in full site coverage with seamless roaming and WiFi 6 capacity everywhere.

“Once Nile was installed, it was the first time that we didn’t have connectivity issues.”

– Rochelle Perez
Computer Technology Teacher
St. Albert the Great Catholic School
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