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Nile Access Service is an end-to-end system providing wired and wireless connectivity across schools. Eliminate the complexity of product-by-product deployment and ensure continuous connectivity while safeguarding student data and your infrastructure.

Automate traditionally manual network operations with AI so you can step away from troubleshooting and network connectivity issues, and stay laser-focused on your educational initiatives.


Why St. Albert the Great Catholic School selected Nile

The school's network wasn't up to the task of supporting a digital learning environment. But with Nile, they took advantage of a full-featured solution, expert planning, enterprise-grade hardware, and AI-powered cloud services to completely automate their network operations.

"I used to have two different sets of lesson plans—something that we could do if everybody was able to get on their Chromebooks and then something if we weren’t able to get connected. Once Nile was installed, it was the first time that we didn’t have any connectivity issues."
santh albert cathloc
Rochelle Perez, Computer Technology Teacher
Nile & E-RATE

Making E-Rate easy for you

As a 100% E-Rate eligible solution, Nile Access Service can be consumed under Category Two Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS). With our monthly or annual payment plans, we closely align with funds available to you within the E-Rate program.

What is the E-Rate Program?

The Universal Service Fund is expanding your access to new technology by providing billions of dollars in funding. Schools and libraries nationwide are eligible to receive $167+ per student in funding until FY2025.

Why E-Rate and why now?

You can use your available E-Rate funds to to supplement existing budgets and start transforming your school into a high-tech learning environment

We'll help you get started:

We are ready to partner with you to review your available funding, see if you're eligible for up to 90% discounted project costs, and start sharing the responsibility of providing your students with an exceptional digital learning experience.

The E-Rate process

Take the first step towards funding your next-gen school network—it’s simple.

Find available funds

Use the USAC E-Rate Category Two budget tool to determine your available funds.

Talk to a Nile E-Rate specialist

Contact our experts to learn how you can leverage your funds for the upcoming school year.

Deploy the Nile solution

Experience always-on, secure connectivity for your high-tech learning environment.


Nile 101: Automating your school network

Join us for an in-depth look at how Nile can help you move past the headaches of designing, deploying, and maintaining a traditional school network. From security to automation, we’ll show you the power of a system meticulously crafted for today’s digital classrooms. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

Today’s digital curriculum and its impact on school priorities
Nile’s recipe for secure connectivity across digital classrooms
100% E-Rate eligible consumption for Nile Access Service

Explore Nile’s laser focus on automated operations

Look Closer

Nile Access Service

With the Nile Access Service, you put an end to budget and performance compromises when it comes to your enterprise network—and never pay for features you don’t use.

You simply sit back and watch your network maintain itself, just like a modern cloud service.

Dive Deeper

Nile DHCP Service

With the Nile DHCP Service, you get to streamline dynamic IP address management across all your sites with cloud-like scale and security.

You eliminate the need to maintain on-premises DHCP servers and remove the risk of unpredictable outages.


Real-world results

Highly resilient

connectivity that enables teachers to focus on educating students.

“Our installation experience with Nile was so easy. Now the network keeps self-tuning for optimal performance. What more can I ask for?”
Merrill Ballinger, IT Director, Cripple Creek-Victor School District

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