We’ll never ship you boxes, and wish you “good luck”

Put an end to budget and performance compromises when it comes to your access network.

With Nile, you never pay for features or functions that you don’t use. Plus, a Nile network handles its own maintenance, just like a modern cloud service.

Stop doing the same thing, while expecting a different result

Designed for today’s needs, a Nile network eliminates 80% of the legacy configuration requirements that trigger most of the network issues.

Complexity of maintaining your network is only getting worse

A Nile network observes the service quality across its tech stack, and takes proactive action against deviations from baseline performance.

It’s time to go beyond the product alerts and dashboards

We are in charge to monitor for any novel issues and publish new automation workflows with AI so that your Nile network keeps getting better.


Sounds too good to be true?

Tune in as we reveal the details behind Nile’s innovation.

Our principles for network engineering

Build strong to cover every corner

Integrated high density Wi-Fi design, installation and continuous testing, all supported by a highly available wired switching backbone.

Self-evaluate for essential insights

Proactive testing with virtual and physical sensors detects deviations against baseline performance of users, devices and applications.

Self improve with cloud software

Microservices software with built-in observability enables hitless upgrades, allowing for continuous automation and optimization.

Our principles for network security

Lock everything down

SSH / console access to network elements is not possible, and their control path communication is protected with MACSec encryption.

Mandate zero trust access

Continuous authorization of all connected devices across the wired and wireless network, dynamically profiling all device types.

Segment in the network fabric

Every connected mobile and IoT device is isolated from each other by design, preventing any potential malware proliferation.

Our principles for network operations

Standardize network design

With 80% of traditional configuration and SKU complexity eliminated, deployment best practices are enforced by default.

Keep it simple and orchestrate

One touch workflows for installers and IT operations to tackle provisioning and monitor service health across multiple locations.

Share responsibility for your success

Orchestration of installation tasks, software updates, hardware refresh, support tickets, and feature maintenance come built-in.

Decoding the Industry

“Wired and wireless networks delivered as a service should present a transparent infrastructure model, similar to the cloud. Thereby making the models behind the scenes irrelevant as long as they meet the business requirements.

Nile is attempting to disrupt the legacy, box-focused, enterprise market with a specifically designed service offering.”

What’s included in the Nile Access Service?

Our principles bring you the industry’s first wired and wireless network with a guaranteed performance for coverage, capacity and availability.

It integrates 10+ products and services that have traditionally been consumed separately for enterprise LANs, painting a new path forward.

Nile Service Blocks, with deterministic system design

Within a Nile Service Block, Wi-Fi 6 APs with four radios are installed in salt-n-pepper redundancy, including an embedded sensor. A physical Wi-Fi sensor infrastructure is also installed for continuous evaluation of the service quality. Access switching with 5 Gbps PoE+ ports and redundant distribution switching with 40 Gbps uplinks act as the backbone.

Nile Services Cloud, with an integrated data model

Taking advantage of the comprehensive data collection from the Nile Service Blocks, Nile Services Cloud enables real-time observability of all network functions, connected devices, and everything in between. It’s industry-leading capabilities automate network operations with AI.

Nile AI applications, automating lifecycle management

Nile’s Copilot suite of AI applications enable IT teams and their end users to monitor service outcomes and securely onboard user & IoT devices. Autopilot applications allow Nile’s customer success and production engineering teams to offload and automate network operations.


Add-on services, added value

Look Closer

Nile DHCP Service

Streamline dynamic IP address management across all your sites with cloud-like scale and security.

Eliminate the need to maintain on-premises DHCP servers and 
remove the risk of unpredictable outages.

Dive Deeper

Nile Guest Service

Isolate traffic from guest users and unknown devices by tunneling it to the closest Nile point of presence (PoP).

Protect your internal corporate resources and eliminate the need for separate infrastructure to support guest users.

Why customers choose Nile

Reduce risk

by protecting your network, your users and your assets
with zero trust isolation.

"Nile Guest Service allows us to provide internet access for visitors while isolating them from internal network resources. It decreases the possibility of a data breach and accelerates network troubleshooting."
Albert Jong, Senior IT Engineer

Redirect capital

by eliminating upfront expense
to monthly or annual billing
with performance guarantees.

"I wish all my vendors were like Nile: simple and transparent. From our initial meeting to network design to installation of the Nile Access Service, everything happened in just a few weeks."
Marcus Chan, IT Operations Manager

Reclaim time

for strategic IT initiatives
by eliminating inefficiencies
across your network.

"We have been looking for a solution like Nile for a very long time. We wanted to move away from the traditional ‘break-fix’ model for our infrastructure projects. Nile prevents me from being held hostage by maintenance tasks and automates the lifecycle of our network."
Russ Kaurloto, CIO

Frequently asked questions

What problem does Nile solve?

During the 30 years of enterprise networking at the campus and branch, each innovation cycle came in the form of a self-contained product. Over time, this has resulted in inherent complexity across network infrastructures, which has long been accepted as the status quo.

Nile puts an end to such complexity at every opportunity. You now can reclaim time, budget and resources to improve technology adoption across your real estate, to make better use of your business data to drive intelligence with AI, and to migrate your enterprise apps to the cloud.

What is the consumption model for the Nile Access Service?

All components plus integrated lifecycle management services are included in its per user or per square foot pricing. Per square foot pricing is calculated on a per building basis and is ideal for those who need predictable spend. Per employee pricing is also calculated on a per building basis and is ideal for those who want the agility to scale down and up with changing usage patterns.

Nile Access Service does not require any upfront capital expenditure and offers monthly or annual payment terms. Customers have the flexibility to add and remove buildings as part of their existing contract. Moves, changes and hardware refresh can easily be made part of the service plan.

How are Nile’s performance guarantees monitored?

Nile customers and partners can access performance data, including uptime percentages and latency, on a monthly basis and track historical data and trends. Our customer success team shares this report quarterly, offering collaborative planning for future improvements.

Nile is committed to service level metrics as a percentage of uptime during any monthly billing cycle. In the event that the service does not meet its commitments, Nile customers receive monthly service credits for future billing. With these tools and resources, we provide transparent and proactive visibility into the true value of the Nile Access Service.

How is Nile different from traditional NaaS solutions?

Traditional network as a service (NaaS) calls for legacy products to be bundled up in consulting, professional services, and support contracts. There is no technology innovation, only creative financial modeling. Customers and managed service providers are being asked to pay more taxes on top of existing products just to simplify network engineering, security, and operations.

At Nile, we are eliminating such burden altogether. The end result is not only a better alternative to the status quo, but a different one.

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