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For enterprise networks, total cost of ownership (TCO) has traditionally been unpredictable and hard to control. 

Designing and managing a network can be complicated—from determining your business requirements to navigating numerous hardware options, and dealing with installation and activation challenges. Ongoing maintenance, security, and monitoring, as well as hardware and software upgrades, can further strain IT resources and expertise.

With the all-inclusive Nile Access Service, powered by AI networking, you can replace manual workflows with a single step and enjoy industry’s best TCO.

The Nile Advantage:


lower TCO*

A vertically integrated network coupled with a fully automated lifecycle translates into significantly simpler operations.

*projected for a 5-year subscription term


years in ROI*

With the industry’s first performance guarantee, Nile Access Service is designed to eliminate network-related downtime.

*projected for a 5-year subscription term



Nile Access Service does not require a multitude of software licenses, countless product SKUs and accessories to choose from, or expensive support contracts.

Add-on services, added value

Look Closer

Nile DHCP Service

Streamline dynamic IP address management across all your sites with cloud-like scale and security.

Priced on a per user basis, Nile DHCP service eliminates the need to maintain on-premises DHCP servers and removes the risk of unpredictable outages.

Dive Deeper

Nile Guest Service

Isolate traffic from guest users and unknown devices by tunneling it to the closest Nile point of presence (PoP).

Priced on a per user basis, Nile Guest Service protects your internal corporate resources and eliminates the need for separate infrastructure to support guest users.

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