Stopping lateral movement

Guest access networks often rely on outdated network protocols and create threat vectors that allow for lateral movement into an organization’s primary network. Concerns arise due to the possible use of Wi-Fi guest connections for inappropriate or malicious use.

Offering guest access that’s easy to use and secure

Security is undoubtedly important when providing guest access, but a visitors’ experience is equally valuable. A confusing or slow experience can lead to a high volume of help desk tickets, and a loss of productivity.

Managing a high operational burden

Many existing solutions require expensive manual configuration of up to 5 separate systems where a misconfiguration in any one can translate to the potential proliferation of malware, greater risk of loss, and unexpected exposure of valuable IT resources.

Key benefits of Nile Guest Service

Modern network security

Nile adheres to strict zero trust principles, with all guest traffic completely isolated from corporate resources. No lateral movement allowed, even between guests.

A great guest experience

A simple to use solution that just works without IT help desk tickets and exceeds your guest’s expectation.

Enhanced guest onboarding

Allow employees to grant visitors network access via the myNile app to simplify a guest’s onboarding process before they arrive.

Simplified network operations

Leverage Nile Cloud Services benefits—IT admins no longer have to configure and operate on-premises NAC or DHCP solutions for guest users.

Scale without added on-prem complexity

Align guest access with the as-a-Service model that easily scales to meet demand.

Multi-site deployment ease

Eliminate the heavy operational burden of implementing and securing guest access across each remote site for your distributed campus.

How is Nile’s Secure Guest Service consumed?

Nile Access Service Enhancement
Designed for security conscious customers, Nile’s secure cloud-based guest service can be added to a standard Nile Access Service to completely off-load the management of traditional guest access services such as on-premises NAC, DHCP, and configuration tasks.


Real-world results

Reduce risk

by protecting your network, your users, and your assets with zero trust isolation.

“Nile Guest Service allows us to provide internet access for visitors while isolating them from internal network resources. This decreases the possibility of a data breach and accelerates network troubleshooting.”
Albert Jong, Senior IT Engineer

How does Nile Guest Service work?

Customers can access Nile Guest Service from the Nile Portal. The service deploys quickly and easily, in as little as one click. Simply access the Nile Portal, enter a name for the guest SSID, and you’re ready to go.

Define network segments for guests:

All guest traffic will be fully isolated and redirected to the closest Nile PoP, depending on where your guests are connecting from.

Define authentication workflows:

Allow visitors to onboard their devices to the defined network segments per site and user group using simple capital portal authentication.

Monitor usage and performance:

Automatically maintain coverage, capacity, and availability guarantees as new guest users are onboarded to your Nile network.

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Put an end to budget and performance compromises when it comes to your access network. With Nile Access Service, you never pay for features you don’t use. Sit back and watch your network maintain itself, just like a modern cloud service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Nile offer a cloud-based Guest Service option?

Customers can take advantage of the Nile Access Service per device isolation with their existing firewall, NAC, DHCP, and DMZ deployment or they can choose to offload managing their guest network via our optional Nile Guest Service where traditional services are bypassed and all guest traffic is directly routed to the nearest Nile PoP.

How do I add the cloud-based Nile Guest Service?

Once signed up to use Nile Guest Service, it’s automatically enabled. Once enabled, the primary Nile point of presence (PoP) will automatically be the one closest to each customer site. You can use your own DNS server, which should be public facing. IT administrators will need to open ports 443 and 6081 outbound on their firewalls.

What will guests experience when connecting to this Nile Guest Service?

There are two options for the guest onboarding experience. When a user selects the guest SSID, they can be shown terms and conditions which they must agree to before they’re granted access. Alternatively, the system can ask guests to enter their sponsor’s name and email, as well as their own. The sponsor will be sent an email for approval, and once they’ve signed off the guest’s device will be allowed onto the network.

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