Move beyond the status quo

Pace of innovation from edge to cloud calls for digital classrooms, offices, and workplaces that make people and our environments more productive than ever.

They just need a network that can keep up.

Integrate to the digital edge

Scale across many sites with fully automated consumption options, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Derive intelligence from data

Observe service quality in real-time with an AI-ready data model that enables automated self-tuning and self-healing.

Deliver as cloud software

Accelerate feature deployment and service delivery across multiple tenants with agile innovation cycles.

Today’s approach to wired and wireless LANs

Legacy architectures have made it impossible to keep up with the pace digital innovation.


Self-contained technology delivered in separate boxes

Multiple model and SKU options with different security and performance capabilities, coupled with separate licensing, training and software maintenance requirements, increase confusion.


Customers have to navigate through 10+ separate products and services

The operational and support burden for the network is left to IT teams to tackle, with complexity growing after every budget and resource compromise made over its lifetime.


Financial bundles and services cannot tackle the inherent inefficiency

Customers are being asked to pay extra in consulting, design, professional and financial services so that legacy vendors can try to reduce the complexity inherent in their product architectures.

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Next-gen enterprise networks with Nile

Nile goes beyond the product-centric incremental innovation of the last 30 years 
to put an end to budget and performance compromises for your network.

Extends zero trust security principles to campus and branch networks

Eliminates operational burden by automating lifecycle management

Integrates 10+ products that have traditionally been consumed separately

Guarantees performance for coverage, capacity and availability


Lower premiums

for cyber liability insurance with campus zero trust

Benefits for technology leaders

To avoid digital innovation turning into digital chaos, IT teams rely on Nile to remove inefficiencies from their enterprise network.

  • Eliminate network related IT tickets
  • Achieve 25x faster issue resolution
  • Never worry about software upgrades again
  • Radically reduce cyber insurance costs
  • Completely automate system maintenance


downtime cost per day avoided with Nile's performance guarantees

Benefits for business leaders

Make balancing budgets and network health a thing of the past with Nile. You only pay for what you use and need, all without expensive capital investments.

  • Consumed in one step per building, eliminating 20+ manual tasks
  • Monthly and annual terms with no upfront capital expense
  • Per employee pricing option for agility to scale down and up
  • Per square foot pricing option to enable predictable spend
  • Ability to add/remove buildings as part of existing contract

Driving innovation across the ecosystem

Nile is paving a new path forward for enterprise networks, and we can’t do it alone.

Channel Partners

Reseller partners benefit from accelerated deployments, increase their revenue with market-leading profit margin, and enjoy a net cash-flow positive sales model.

Technology Partners

With a modern architecture, Nile makes it easy for technology product and services companies to adopt cloud-first principles and reduce complexity of integration with enterprise network infrastructures.

Managed Service Providers

Scale your business Wi-Fi options for larger sites, such as higher education, without impacting speed of service delivery and while improving customer experience.

Recognized as an innovation leader


2023 Stellar
Networking Startup

“Leading Technology That’s Creating New Opportunities
for Solution Providers”


True NaaS Provider

“Disrupting Legacy Enterprise Networking Market with a Specifically Designed Service”


Industry Security Compliance

ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, CSA Level 1 STAR certified

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Your next-gen network awaits

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