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Our journey is all about a once-in-a-decade opportunity to create something disruptive – not just for the sake of disruption – but to create something that can resolve the insane complexity of networking and deliver simple access to a very reliable, extremely high-performance network. This journey began in 2018 with a shared vision between Pankaj Patel and Suresh Katukam who were joined by John Chambers and Sri Hosakote, making up Nile’s original founding team.

Achieving this vision necessitated bringing together the best and the brightest; a team of pioneers and visionaries in networking, security, and artificial intelligence.

The result is a new standard for enterprise networks, and how they are designed, consumed, and maintained.

Founded By Visionaries – Driven By Passion

The leaders who are building the next enterprise network.


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To be the best company, we must be our best selves. At Nile, every team member has a voice — one that’s always valued, respected, and appreciated. These values define each of us and all of us, with innovation at the center of everything we do as we look to find the places no one has ever been to before. Join our banded team as we set forward to discover, learn, and build for the future.

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