Nile AI Applications provide simple, intuitive and personalized user interfaces to IT admins, their end users, Nile customer success and production engineering teams. They are designed to radically accelerate design, installation, management and maintenance of enterprise networks.

Here is a reminder on the components of the Nile Access Service solution architecture:

Nile Service Blocks: Edge network infrastructure, designed and delivered by translating infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) principles of the cloud to secure wired and wireless connectivity at the enterprise campus and branch.

Nile Services Cloud: Powered by comprehensive data collection from the Nile Service Blocks, Nile Services Cloud enables real-time observability and continuous optimization, by utilizing both model-centric and data-centric AI.

Nile AI Applications: Built on top of the Nile Services Cloud, they not only provide full control and visibility to IT admins, end users and Nile’s production engineering team – but they also help orchestrate the network lifecycle management.

Nile AI Applications

Today, Nile Access Service is now serving millions of square feet of space across the Nile customer base. This translates to meta data collected from billions of user sessions, across millions of devices, and thousands of end user applications.

This metadata is “clean” thanks to the deterministic system design across Nile Service Block deployments, and ready to power automated workflows across the edge infrastructure. Within the Nile Services Cloud, an integrated data model is formed thanks to comprehensive data collection, labeling, and analysis. Digital twins of the Nile Access Service deployments come to life within the Nile Services Cloud, with Nile AI Applications providing the visual interfaces to gain visibility and control.

As of today, Nile AI Applications come in two categories highlighted below. These apps radically improve how easy and how fast system installers, IT admins, end users, and Nile’s customer success and production engineering teams interact with the Nile Access Service.

Similar to how ChatGPT takes advantage of the OpenAI cloud and data models to create a radically simple human interface to its generative AI capabilities, these apps are crafted on top of the Nile Services Cloud to drive business and IT outcomes for Nile customer environments.

Nile Copilot for IT admins

Nile Copilot enables IT administrators to orchestrate their Nile Service Block, and gain visibility and control. It offers the industry’s first intent based provisioning of an enterprise network with one touch installation and system-wide orchestration of desired setup in a few clicks.

Radically simplified provisioning

  • Setup full stack wired and wireless network in a few clicks
  • Integrate with external IT systems and network services
  • Provision network segments in L3 with zero trust isolation

Embedded zero trust security policies

  • Implement user and device authentication policies
  • Approve or deny device access to zero trust segments
  • Provision rules and steps for guest user authentication

Full stack control and visibility

  • Monitoring for coverage, capacity, and availability SLAs
  • Essential insights on system, user, device and app health
  • Device profiling data, real-time tests, wireless IDS and more

Take a self-guided tour of Nile Copilot yourself at the Nile Copilot Experience Center.

Nile Copilot for End Users

With a personalized snapshot of the network status and performance, Nile Copilot also provides end users the ability to validate their service quality and accomplish much more:

  • Allow users to test the performance of their devices and popular enterprise apps
  • Keep users informed about network, Internet and popular cloud app availability
  • Enable users to self-diagnose the quality of their connectivity and compare with others
  • Allow users to submit IT tickets with a snapshot of their location and test results
  • Enable users to onboard IoT devices and provide network access credentials for guests

Nile Autopilot

Taking advantage of the same integrated data model within the Nile Services Cloud, Nile Autopilot is designed for Nile production engineering and customer success teams to automate traditional enterprise network operations.

With Nile Autopilot, network operations center (NOC) functions are offloaded, enabling IT teams to focus on critical IT initiatives that deliver higher ROI – compared to manual workflows for network maintenance and troubleshooting.

Offload day -1/0 operations

  • Automate network topology and bill-of-material creation
  • Manage work orders to Nile partners for on-premises install
  • One touch install and cloud-based activation of all elements

Offload day 1/N operations

  • Validate installs in real-time given standardized system design
  • Automatically visualize current on-premises system install
  • Drive root cause analysis with automated support tickets

Offload system maintenance

  • Predict potential software issues with automated resolution
  • Orchestrate software release and security patch updates
  • Automate network moves/adds/changes and refresh


To see both Nile Copilot and Nile Autopilot applications in action, make sure to check out our on-demand webinar, Nile Discovered. In this webinar we run through a total of 8 demonstrations that cover the following use cases:

  • Nile Copilot to orchestrate wired and wireless network activation and setup
  • Nile Copilot to craft zero trust network segments for policy enforcement
  • Nile Copilot to gain complete visibility to user, device and app experiences
  • Nile Autopilot to enable deterministic design & install with closed loop automation
  • Nile Autopilot to enable predictive maintenance for wireless coverage issues
  • Nile Autopilot to enable predictive maintenance for wired link issues
  • Nile Autopilot to automatically detect and resolve software issues in network elements
  • Nile Autopilot to fully automate software upgrades across the Nile Access Service

It is one of those on-demand webinar recordings that you do not want to miss.

Bringing the power of Nile Access Service to light, Nile AI Applications pack a punch in its ability to drive outcomes across the enterprise wired and wireless network – while providing radically simple and intuitive interfaces for IT admins, their end users and Nile production engineering teams. At the heart of their operation lies the power of the Nile Services Cloud, automating traditionally manual network operations across the Nile Service Block installations.

Take a self-guided tour of Nile Copilot yourself at the Nile Copilot Experience Center.