It’s time to bring the principles of the cloud to the enterprise edge

"Wired and wireless networks delivered as a service (NaaS) should present
a transparent infrastructure model, similar to the cloud.

Thereby making the device models and topologies behind the scenes
irrelevant as long as they meet the business outcome and SLA requirements.

Nile is attempting to disrupt the legacy, box-focused, enterprise market
with a specifically designed service offering.”

- Gartner

Moving past traditional NaaS with Nile:


vertically integrated tech stack instead of piecemeal products that have traditionally been required 
to build a secure enterprise LAN


closed loop automation of network operations with AI, powered by an integrated data model and modern cloud software across the tech stack


unexpected expenses with transparent monthly or annual billing that already includes customer support, consulting, design, and professional services.


Everything you need to know about Nile

Discover how you can go beyond the limitations of legacy product architectures.

Reimagining enterprise networks

Reimagining enterprise networks

  • Shifts the burden around

    With the traditional LAN tech stack, complexity continues – your total cost of ownership keeps going up with every new product introduction.

  • Comes at a high cost

    Traditional hardware and software products are simply bundled up in consulting, professional and management service contracts.

  • Delivers no promises

    Each deployment is tailored to the specific enterprise. Lack of standard design and automation cannot deliver service level guarantees.

  • Takes away control

    Product vendors or their managed services provider partners take network management away from enterprise IT teams.

  • Guaranteed performance

    Rely on network coverage, capacity, and availability guarantees thanks to closed loop automation of traditional network operations.

  • Deterministic design

    Take advantage of high-end hardware and design for wired and wireless infrastructure - without any compromise on quality.

  • Shares visibility & control

    While we eliminate the complexity of legacy architectures, you get to maintain full control and visibility across your enterprise network.

  • Radically lower TCO

    Achieve more than 60% savings by consuming 10+ traditionally separate products as a single integrated service.

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Consuming Nile Access Service

Choose per square foot or per user consumption, with service level guarantees for wireless coverage, network capacity and system availability on a per building basis.

Simple and transparent pricing includes Wi-Fi access points, access and distribution switches, relevant accessories, and virtual / physical sensors. It includes 2-day shipping, automated network topology creation, validation of infrastructure installation, system care and upkeep with predictive maintenance, project management oversight, and production network engineering with proactive ticket management.

Design and install


Long list of manual steps for site surveys, bill-of-materials creation, product SKU selection
and on-site installation workflows are automated in software.

Setup and scale


Traditional product configuration options are eliminated, and the adoption curve for IT experts 
are accelerated with a radically simplified management interface.

Maintain and operate


Nile’s production engineering team proactively tackles trouble tickets, potential future issues, software and feature upgrades - so that you can focus on what matters.

Grow and refresh


Based on predictive analysis of service quality, Nile orchestrates hardware replacement, capacity planning and network refresh - all inclusive as part of the service.

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Real-world results

Offload burden

from the traditionally labor-intensive network design and deployment.

"We have deployed other lean IT solutions, but I have never found a solution as smooth as Nile. Ultimately, we took the repeatable tasks off of the IT plate, allowing us to focus on creating a competitive advantage for the company."
Alex Derafshan, Infrastructure and Cloud Architect

Zero trust access

satisfies corporate policy and provides traffic isolation
against malware threats.

"Right from the start, the Nile network is constantly self-tuning to proactively prevent problem areas. Knowing Nile is managing software updates and security patches, and testing them before they’re pushed out gives me peace of mind. We have our weekends back."
Binu Rao, Director of Global IT Infrastructure

Frequently asked questions

How does Nile Access Service differ from traditional Network as a Service (NaaS) offers?

Nile Access Service stands apart from traditional enterprise network models by integrating 10+ different products and services into a single solution. Similar to the cloud, it adopts as-a-service software delivery model and it is not a package of old legacy products.

After creating a vertically integrated tech stack for Wi-Fi connectivity, wired switching, zero trust security, device profiling, and many other capabilities, it automates traditional manual lifecycle management services with AI. It is consumed as a service on a monthly or annual basis, and is industry’s only offer with the ability to provide guaranteed network performance for coverage, capacity and availability.

How does Nile Access Service improve operations and issue resolution?

Nile Access Service contributes to significant reductions in network related IT trouble tickets and improves problem resolution times by implementing proactive measures to resolve quality deviations. This proactive approach, combined with closed-loop automation powered by AI, results in up to a 100% reduction in trouble tickets and up to 25x external issue resolution, massively increasing network efficiency.

By leveraging a unified data, software, and hardware architecture across the entire tech stack, Nile Access Service enables continuous optimization, automating many aspects of traditionally manual network, security, and operations engineering tasks in software.

How does the Nile Access Service consumption model align with IT and business priorities?

Nile Access Service is delivered as a monthly or annual subscription, eliminating the need for a large upfront capital expenditure. Given its per user or per square foot pricing, businesses have the flexibility to scale their network usage based on their changing needs. Plus, built-in lifecycle management reduces business risk and allows enterprises to focus on their critical IT initiatives as they reclaim valuable time and resources.

Powered by automation and orchestration across a vertically integrated tech stack, Nile Access Service streamlines traditionally labor-intensive workflows reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with ongoing network operations.

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It’s time to move past the traditional

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