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It was a mere few months since Sprinklr achieved the huge milestone of going IPO. Excitement was abuzz, and yet COVID had employees isolated, working remotely. Sprinklr has plans to open their new office in Austin, TX. As the launch date neared, Sprinklr’s IT team realized it was facing two obstacles: time and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In an executive decision to maintain the opening date, Sprinklr was challenged to deploy an entire network in a mere three weeks. In addition, cases of COVID-19 were spiking in Texas, preventing Sprinklr’s New York-based Global IT Director, Joe Foy, from traveling to coordinate and oversee the install.



Yesterday's solutions don't solve today's challenges

Foy and his team found themselves tasked with completing a job in three weeks that would normally take up to 12, without the benefit of Sprinklr IT boots on the ground.

“I was more than 1,500 miles away, trying to roll out an entire network in three weeks, there were so many things going through my mind,” recalls Foy.

His primary concern was deploying a full site network from another state. This included everything from finding a trusted partner for a site survey to cabling, procuring, installing, and capacity planning for future needs. The network itself demanded decisions be made on what network architectures to use and what types of access points and switches to plan for, while ensuring network security. On top of all of this, the ultimate goal was delivering ubiquitous voice and video conferencing capability in every corner of the building.

“Nile took care of every aspect of the network, from site survey to install and deployment,” says Foy. “In three weeks, the network was up and running and ready to support 250-plus users.”

Not only did Nile bring the network up in record time, its SLAs guarantee always-on availability and complete end-to-end coverage and capacity.

“As the head of IT, what’s most important to me is making sure that the service is always up, there is coverage throughout the office and that we have the capacity not just for today’s needs, but to handle anything that comes up in the future,” Foy says. “Nile delivers exactly that.”

Nile took care of every aspect of the network, from site survey to install and deployment. In three weeks, the network was up and running and ready to support 250-plus users.

Precise troubleshooting – on or off the network

It’s a leap of faith to turn an entire network installation over to an outside vendor, but Foy had confidence in Nile from the beginning. “It was clear the Nile team understood what we needed and knew what they were doing. I felt like I could trust them,” he says.

The value of Nile, specifically its customer portal, was evident on day one. After 18 months remote, excitement was high returning to the office. However, employees experienced application access issues. As usual, the first culprit was pointed to be a network problem. There was concern, escalation, and stress. However, as improbable as it seemed, the Nile portal instantly pinpointed Facebook as the problem. It was easy to show the network indeed was not the problem; it was the application. As a social media marketing company, Facebook is a key application. Several hours later, Facebook announced its outage.

“If we didn’t have the Nile portal when Facebook went down, I would have been spinning cycles all day trying to find the issue,” says Foy. “In fact, I would have probably ended up finding out when Facebook made the announcement. With Nile, I knew hours before.”

It was clear the Nile team understood what we needed and knew what they were doing. I felt like I could trust them.

Strategically allocating IT resources

Foy’s IT team of just 14 people supports 3,500 employees at 25 sites worldwide, making strategic use of IT resources a top priority.

“Nile designed the holistic network from the ground up, as a service,” he says. “They have engineered a service that delivers network outcomes.”

Trusting the network duties to Nile professionals just makes sense, according to Koenig.

“Nile is the expert at this, they have the tools to do it,” he says. “They also have local techs that can respond to issues immediately at a site instead of us flying in Sprinklr IT people.”

Koenig is also a fan of Nile’s innovative all-inclusive pay per user model. It brings a predictable consumption model to a previously dynamic IT cost structure.

“What Nile did for us in Austin, getting that office up to speed, installed and working, was outstanding,” concludes Foy.

This quick, no-hassle bring up of the Austin office and high-performance and reliability of the network has set the foundation for expanding to other Sprinklr locations.

Nile is solving resource scarcity problems by reducing the IT workload.

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