Is Your Network Holding You Back? Check Out NaaS

60 mins

The network is complex. IT continues to be constrained and delivering secure network performance is a reactive struggle. IaaS and cloud have completely transformed the way today’s businesses run by delivering agility, flexibility, and thus a competitive edge.

Network as a Service (NaaS) offloads this burden thus freeing up IT to help deliver on business priorities.

Yet, today’s “NaaS” solutions still lack the ability to truly deliver the network as a service:

  • Network performance is only best-effort, not guaranteed
  • Security is bolted on without a holistic zero trust approach
  • Infrastructure is based on leasing rather than consumption
  • Day 0 to Day N is a complex web of multiple 3rd party experts

Hear about the evolution of NaaS and how we can evolve decades-old architecture to meet today’s business demands.

Presented by:

Suresh Katukam.
Suresh Katukam
Co-Founder & CPO, Nile
Neil Clover
Chief Technology Officer, SDI

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Is Your Network Holding You Back? Check Out NaaS

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