Nile Support Policy

Nile Support can be reached at:

Email [email protected]
Phone 1-888-4-NILE-HELP
Chat Chat with an agent from Nile dashboard
Nile Portal Ticket Submit a support request via Nile support portal

Scope of Nile Support

Nile Support covers development and production issues for Nile Services, along with other key components:

  • “How to” questions about Nile services and features
  • Best practices to help Customer successfully integrate, deploy, and manage applications with Nile
  • Troubleshooting Nile API and SDK issues
  • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with Nile resources
  • Issues with Nile Portal, Equipment or other Nile tools
  • Problems detected by Nile health checks

Nile Support does not include:

  • Customer code development
  • Debugging 3rd party Customer hardware, software and services
  • Performing system administration tasks
  • Customer Application and Database query tuning
  • Configuration, administration, usage and troubleshooting third-party hardware, software and applications such as router, firewall, operating system, application and web servers, email, VPN, databases, and storage configuration
  • Any services related to any products not provided by Nile or any services related to any SLA Exclusion(s).
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