The network is complex and operating it can be a huge burden even for seasoned IT professionals. To compensate, IT teams adopt different automation tools and/or features in an attempt to:

1. Reduce complexities
2. Keep up with business goals
3. Prevent employee burnout

These automation tools often:

Add Cost: Costs for 3rd party tools
Require Manual Config: IT must “act” on the tool results
Requires Expertise: To write, test, maintain, and secure automation scripts
Limits Use Case: Limited API actions or basic automation for native products

While these automation tools and features are meant to simplify the network, they often bolt on more technology, operational, and financial complexities.

Should automation be manual, time-consuming, and complicated (i.e., configurations, setups, maintenance)? Is automation that requires manual intervention really automation? At Nile, we don’t think so.

Automation shouldn’t need intervention from IT teams.

Nile’s Network as a Service (NaaS) baked-in network automation tools and services eliminate the complexities that plague traditional enterprise networks.


No more config scripts. Bring up sites with true network automation.

In a typical environment, bringing up a network with wired and wireless components is time and labor-intensive, requiring administrators to configure numerous wired ports with port-specific configurations (e.g., VLANs, trunk links, IP addresses). Any automation and automation tools require writing a script that is then bolted onto the software.

With Nile’s NaaS (Nile Access Service), our partners and employees can quickly and easily bring up the customer’s network using baked-in automation. An installer simply provides uplink IP addresses and subnets within a Nile mobile app to activate the automation process. Our automated backend process and no-config frontend service bring-ups help customers scale and bring up sites with the same efficiency. This approach can help businesses with network needs to provide a faster time-to-market solution to their customers.

Eliminate the uncertainty! Nile automates channel planning

Creating an effective network plan that provides full availability, coverage, and capacity for all your users and devices is critical to driving network outcomes. Yet, channel planning is typically either done manually or requires expert knowledge to correctly set parameters that optimize network performance. With the Nile Access Service, Nile’s cloud automatically configures the best channel and power, ensuring the devices don’t interfere with one another. The native channel planner also continuously runs and adapts to any RF changes.

SW updates don’t cause downtime when they’re done automatically

Network downtime from human error is common when updating the network. They involve either using native features like a basic scheduler or hacked-together bash scripts that download auto-update software from the vendor’s websites.

Nile automates this entire process, keeping the network updated with little to no disruption. For example, the automation decommissions the distribution switch using OSPF parameters and forces all traffic through a different switch. Once there is no traffic passing through the distribution switch, it is upgraded, causing no impact on service.
“Knowing Nile is managing [ie automates] updates and security patches and testing them before they’re pushed out gives me peace of mind. I have my weekends back!” – Uniphore

Automation means self-tuning. Not tool-tuning.

Network monitoring is crucial to identifying issues, yet it is a time-consuming job. Network monitoring tools are available but require:

Expertise: Creating rules and/or knowing what to look for
Manual: Manual installation, setup, configuration, and maintenance
Optimization: Descriptive only and requires expert knowledge

Nile takes over the proactive monitoring of the network. Deep instrumentation is engineered into every Nile element. These elements stream metrics to the cloud where softbots monitor them. The softbots proactively optimize the network in addition to detecting anomalies and auto-remediating issues. This approach:

● Automate network operations
● Reduce IT fatigue
● Eliminate network outages

The solution to offloading network operations

The Nile Access Service is based on the principle of simplicity. Designed to eliminate complexities for our customers, network automation tools and services are engineered into our NaaS to deliver network outcomes.

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