Make Your Network Invisible

Experience the first AI networking solution with performance guarantees.

Millions of square feet covered under one service

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Here is everything you want to know about Nile

First and only AI networking solution with capacity, coverage and availability guarantees.


Your Priorities, Your Network

Access networks must adapt to changes in user, application and device behavior. Best ones disappear into the background – like an unseen hero.

With Nile, you can reclaim time in lifecycle management thanks to closed loop automation powered by AI. You can reduce business risk across your facilities with campus zero trust, plus a service level guarantee. You can redirect capital expense to what matters, paying only for what you’re truly using.

Put downtime behind you

Deploy the Nile service across your buildings to enjoy guaranteed coverage, capacity, and availability for wired and wireless access. We share responsibility for your success.

Move beyond separate boxes

With Nile, you no longer navigate countless product SKUs, separate software releases and licenses, and support complexity. You avoid expensive service contracts and creative financial bundles.

Align pricing with your budget

Subscribe per employee for the agility to scale down and up, or choose per square foot pricing for predictable spend next to your real-estate costs. You will enjoy the lowest TCO either way.


Nile Access Service

Say goodbye to juggling 10+ products and services for access network connectivity, security, and operations.

We are bringing cloud software principles to edge networks – an industry first. With an integrated data model across a deterministic system design, we enable continuous optimization with AI automation.



Integrated Solution

Up to 100%

Reduction In Network Tickets


Faster External Issue Resolution

Bring wired and wireless network uptime into laser focus

Traditional access network designs leave too much to chance when it comes to service quality. With closed loop automation powered by AI, we proactively detect and resolve deviations in performance.


Eliminate the attack surface across the access network

You can’t rely on fragmented security perimeters. With Nile, you can instrument zero trust access and isolation for each user and device, reducing cyberinsurance costs and extending the life of legacy IoT.


Alleviate the management burden for access network operations

You can eliminate significant time sink for trial and error as we make it our responsibility to automate support and maintenance workflows, software updates and system care.


Why Change And Why Now?

Cut decades-old enterprise network complexities. Ensure rapid innovation at the edge, matching cloud speeds – without sacrificing zero trust security.

Need more reasons to get started with Nile? Read on.

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No need to search for capital to support new sites & buildings

With Nile, you consume your entire access network as a monthly or annual subscription.

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Eliminate refresh & renewal cycles for hardware and support

As part of the Nile Access Service, we’re responsible 
for the system care and network upkeep.

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Stop submitting trouble tickets and waiting for bug fixes

We are responsible for notifying you of a network issue as soon as it happens, if not in advance.

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Always stay compliant for network security audits

With infrastructure provisioning automated in software, we eliminate any potential risks due to misconfiguration.


Who is making the Switch

Always on

connectivity that facilitates success for students, staff and researchers

“Nile gives us premium Wi-Fi, switches and security that are better than anything we could build ourselves using a standard IT approach. We get an extremely high level of quality backed by service level guarantees.”
Andy Goodenow, CIO

Zero trust access

to meet PCI standards and provide traffic isolation against malware threats

"Right from the start, the Nile network is constantly self-tuning to proactively prevent problem areas. Knowing Nile is managing software updates and security patches, and testing them before they’re pushed out gives me peace of mind. We have our weekends back."
Binu Rao, Director of Global IT Infrastructure

Offload burden

away from the traditionally labor-intensive network design and deployment

"We have deployed other lean IT solutions, but 
I have never found a solution as smooth as Nile. Ultimately, we took the repeatable tasks off of the IT plate, allowing us to focus on creating a competitive advantage for the company."
Alex Derafshan, Infrastructure and Cloud Architect

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