The Nile Portal & Dashboard

For our first technical tip, let’s take a look at how to use the Nile Portal and review its various features.

Visibility to Wireless Clients

Let’s review the different ways to monitor, test and gather real-time intelligence on wireless connectivity.

Monitor Your Network Health and Device Connectivity

Here is more information about the Nile Portal, giving you control and visibility for your Nile network.

Visibility to DNS status

Let’s review how you can use the Nile Portal to gain visibility to status of the DNS service for device connectivity.

Visibility to RADIUS status

In this video, we review how you can setup and monitor RADIUS authentication for devices on the network, via the Nile Portal.

View Status and Location of Network Clients

In this video, we go over how Nile Portal provides an easy and efficient way to check the status and location of devices on the Nile network.

Visibility to Wired Clients

In this video, we review how the Nile Portal provides visibility to wired clients, and explain the steps to take to monitor wired connectivity status. We also highlight Nile’s “Mac Address Authorization Bypass” (MAB) capability, which is used to authorize a wired client to connect to the network based on its specific MAC address.

Visibility to Applications

In this video, we discuss how to monitor application performance on different network segments and device types.

Visibility to Network Performance

In this video, we review how end users can gain visibility to their own performance via

Visibility to DHCP status

In our next video, we review how you can gain visibility to the status of the DHCP service within your network, via the Nile Portal.

Connecting to a SIEM for Alert Processing and Management

In this technical tip, we review how you can integrate Nile network alerts to a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform for alert processing and management.

Nile Portal Alerts and Audit Logs

In our final video, we review how you can monitor alerts and audit logs via the Nile Portal. These set of capabilities aid with gaining real-time visibility and control to the status of your Nile network.


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