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100% connectivity

In this exclusive limited trial opportunity, you’ll experience Nile’s high-performance wired and wireless network.


What impressed me is that Nile built high-end hardware and software from the ground up to deliver the network as a service. They have sensors that monitor the service and let me know if users have problems before they even experience any.
Alex Derafshan
Infrastructure & Cloud Architect, Lunar Energy

How it works:

Nile technician conducts a site survey
Solution architect schedules install
Nile's always-on network is activated


Let Nile own the complexity of your network,
while you gain agility and focus on business outcomes.

Accepted program participants get:

Complete end-to-end network operations from the site-survey, Day 0 installation, thru Day N lifecycle management
The first-ever Service Level Guarantee that backs complete network performance for wired and wireless

A secure network engineered from the ground-up around the principles of zero trust

Free Trial FAQ

The Nile network will run in parallel with your current environment and have no impact on your existing solution.

If you don’t like the solution, you are responsible for nothing outside of the Physical Cabling that is part of the Nile Service that will remain in your facility after the removal of the Nile Service.

The Nile team will ensure that the preparation is outlined to you in advance of the Service’s deployment and ensure that the Nile Service allows you to move fast and deliver excellent outcomes to your constituency.

Nile Resources


DECEMBER 6 • 12:00 pm PT

CEOs, CIOs, and the Competitive Edge. What’s the story?

Join executives Bank of America former CIO, David Reilly and Nile CEO, Pankaj Patel as they discuss key factors that can halt today’s digital innovation efforts. Hear how Nile solves these hurdles.


Delivering the Future of Secure Connectivity

Quickly learn how Nile delivers secure connectivity for your local area network.


St. Albert the Great Catholic School

Always-on connectivity enables true digital learning.

The age of unpredictability, less security, and no guarantees is over.

Behind every successful business is an even more powerful network. Leave unsecure, unreliable network performance in the past and experience a re-engineered network that guarantees secure, always-on connectivity.

Nile is offering a limited trial program to help those ready to explore the latest frontier in ‘as a service’ and test drive the ultimate in wired and wireless experiences.

Eligibility requirements:

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