At Nile, we are bringing to light a different future for enterprise networks, not just better.

As a team, we’re well aware that this is an ambitious journey of exploration and discovery. And as our customers and partners redefine their enterprise infrastructure initiatives, their success serves as our guiding light, making every step of this trek worthwhile.

The current state of affairs involves numerous software releases, upgrade cycles, hardware generations, multiple architectures and protocols, and countless configuration options and best practices to navigate. It’s a never-ending cycle of design, configuration, and maintenance, resulting in a significant operational expense and time sink.

We are aiming to address these pain points and many more after going through the arduous journey of eliminating complexity, which has been keeping our customers from making their brand new digital initiatives. Our core principles revolve around a unique solution architecture for secure enterprise connectivity, highly differentiated technology powered by cloud and AI software, and a robust Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery model. While I am always excited to share our latest breakthroughs and progress in these areas, for this post, I’d like to focus on a more vital topic.

How do our trailblazing customers feel about the journey so far?

Since emerging from stealth about eight months ago, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with numerous enterprise IT and technology leaders, ecosystem partners, and our sales team members. Through these interactions, I’ve witnessed a fascinating mental and emotional process that unfolds when embracing a brand new approach.

It brings me immense pleasure to witness their “aha” moment of understanding. Embracing a fundamentally new paradigm shift that disrupts an industry built over the past 30 years isn’t easy. It takes time, but once our customers join us in discovering what’s on the other side, it is almost impossible for them to imagine going back to how things were.
Here is the typical journey they undertake.

Denial and Skepticism: Groundbreaking innovation often faces initial skepticism. It’s challenging for them to believe in such a significant transformation after decades of incremental innovation for secure network connectivity. They may perceive it as a mere “management overlay,” “SDN,” or simple automation. In this initial stage, past struggles and negative experiences create doubts about the feasibility of a simplified approach.

Lukewarm Interest: As we delve deeper into the “why” and “how” of our approach, something remarkable happens. They begin to “unlearn” what they know and open themselves to new possibilities. Curiosity ignites, and they become interested in the true potential of the Nile end-to-end service for wired and wireless connectivity. They start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, prompting a desire for a closer look via a live demo of the Nile service or a production pilot.

Love at First Insight: Then, the magic happens—as they fully grasp the extent of our innovation: a single OS for the enterprise edge infrastructure, built on modern cloud software principles, supported by automated and disruption-free upgrade cycles, a shared responsibility model between Nile and IT teams to monitor infrastructure health, and one-click automation of network security policies, to name just a few. As we showcase our service and delve into the outcomes delivered by Nile NaaS—guaranteed service, enhanced security through the Zero Trust model, and the elimination of operational complexities—the love affair begins.

The mental shift towards embracing Nile Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is not swift, but it is undeniably transformative. While some individuals may grasp its potential within hours, others may take a few days. Nonetheless, the journey is truly worth it.

Let’s Build It Together

At Nile, we are passionate about helping our customers say goodbye to the traditional pain points associated with network design, deployment, and operations, and embrace the future of enterprise networking. I’m eager for you to join us on this exciting road ahead.

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