Customer to Cultivator: Kevin’s Journey on the Nile

Here at Nile, we are customer obsessed. In today’s episode of “Shift Happens,” we welcome special guest Kevin Burgess, who not only advises Nile but also has the unique experience of being a former Nile customer. His journey with the company offers a fascinating dual perspective on the evolution of enterprise networking. Kevin brings to life the journey of Nile’s development, comparing its seamless integration and operation to the transformative impacts seen in other tech industries.

Want more insights into how Nile is reshaping the landscape of enterprise networking and solving real customer challenges? Tune in!

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The Nile Discovered Demo:

To connect with Kevin, email him at [email protected] or find him on LinkedIn:

Show Highlights Include:

  • [0:15] Introduction to ‘Shift Happens’ and Kevin
  • [1:42] Kevin’s Background and Nile Inception
  • [2:58] Kevin’s First-hand Nile Deployment Experience
  • [5:00] Nile’s Customer-Centric Service Philosophy
  • [6:45] Addressing the Networking Industry’s Skills Gap
  • [8:13] Nile’s Role in Driving Innovation and Efficiency
  • [10:00] The Unnoticeable Efficiency of Nile’s Services
  • [10:42] Kevin’s Advice for Prospective Nile Customers
  • [12:09] The Transformative Impact of Nile in The Education Space

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