From Working with Mother Theresa to Head of Engineering with Bhaskar Ghosh

From Working with Mother Theresa to Head of Engineering with Bhaskar Ghosh, CTO at 8VC
Welcome back to Shift Happens. Today, Alana is sitting down with one of tech’s brightest beacons – Bhaskar Ghosh, CTO at 8VC.

From rubbing shoulders with the who’s who in Silicon Valley to sharing tea with Mother Teresa, Ghosh’s colorful journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Discover how he’s breaking barriers, innovating industries, and stirring up seismic shifts in tech.

We’ll discuss his unexpected collaborations with Nile that are reshaping enterprise networking. Plus, get an insider look at how Ghosh strikes a unique balance between disruption and compassion, revealing the keys to his success in the tech universe.

Want an insider’s peek into Ghosh’s life mantra? Ready to decode his secrets for a balanced, impactful life? Then buckle up and tune in—it’s time to unravel the enigma that is Ghosh!

Show Highlights Include:

  • Creative success and burnout lead to becoming a prolific angel investor and advisor [01:52]
  • Merging civic engagement with spirituality in charitable endeavors [06:56]
  • What is the key to embodying a spirit of service and being a change agent? How can one discover and learn these qualities? [00:10:27]
  • Being a change agent in the context of Mother Teresa’s spirit of service [00:13:04]
  • How can you be an influential leader who embodies the spirit of service in a competitive environment? [00:15:31]
  • What is the art of being an influencer change agent? [00:20:31]
  • Ghosh’s relationship with his mentor Pankaj and what he’s learned from Pankaj’s expertise as a potential change agent [00:22:53]
  • How can we learn to simplify complexities in enterprise networking? [00:25:46]
  • What can insults and negative feedback teach us? [00:29:08]
  • What is the key to finding meaning in life after building a successful career? [00:32:37]

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