Network Nirvana or Digital Dystopia? Bold Predictions for Enterprise Networking in 2024

In this episode of ”’Shift Happens,” Ozer and Ray, with a pulse on the current state of IT, offer their expert insights on the future of IT infrastructure and networking. They dissect key trends and provide bold, sometimes controversial, predictions for 2024. Tune in and let us know if you agree with their predictions!

Show Highlights Include:

Operational Strain on IT Teams : Both guests agreed that IT teams are under immense pressure due to increasing demands and limited resources. Ozer emphasized the operational burden, especially for smaller companies, while Ray highlighted the economic implications and the need for managed services to alleviate these pressures.
Network as a Service (NaaS) : The definition of NaaS is expected to crystallize, with incumbent vendors potentially resisting the change. Ozer defined NaaS as a means to simplify and innovate IT infrastructure, while Ray discussed its growth and the importance of delivering economic value alongside technological advancements.
AI Networking : The conversation shifted to AI’s role in networking, with predictions that AI will move beyond alerts and recommendations to self-tuning and self-healing networks. Ray stressed that AI should be invisible to the customer, enhancing the user experience without them noticing.
Cloud-Native Principles : Both guests agreed that cloud-native principles are essential for next-generation networks. Ozer argued that without cloud software, next-generation networks would struggle to exist, while Ray pointed out the operational efficiencies and economic impacts that cloud-native solutions can bring.
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Show Timestamps:

00:00:13 – Introductions and Backgrounds
00:00:38 – Ozer’s Role at Nile
00:00:56 – Ray’s Professional Journey
00:02:31 – Predictions on Operational Teams’ Strain
00:04:25 – Trends and Economic Modeling in IT
00:07:40 – Network as a Service (NaaS) and Industry Impact
00:08:05 – Defining NaaS and Predictions for the Industry
00:11:10 – NaaS Crystallization and Vendor Reactions
00:14:20 – AI Networking and Self-Healing Networks
00:17:41 – AI’s Role in IT Infrastructure
00:21:38 – Next Generation Networking and Cloud Native Principles
00:28:28 – Fill in the Blank: Next Generation Networks
00:29:09 – Fill in the Blank: CXOs and Digital Transformation
00:29:40 – Contact Information and Closing


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