Why Organizations Are Failing with Zero Trust

In this episode of Shift Happens, we dive into the controversial world of zero trust. But here’s the catch: no one really understands what it is!

Join host Alana Bernal and guest Todd Ellison, Solutions Architect at Nile as they uncover the truth behind zero trust and expose the misconceptions that organizations are falling for.

Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation that will change the way you think about network security.

Tune in now!

Show highlights include:

  • Zero Trust: The Game-Changer in Cybersecurity? [00:01:26]
  • Surprising Truth: Few Organizations Embrace Zero Trust [00:05:37]
  • Secrets to Successful Network Security [00:07:42]
  • Bold statement reveals key to secure networks [00:10:33]

Learn more about Nile’s Zero Trust Story here


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