The Art of Starting Over

The IT organization is evolving. The only frontier which has been sort of not touched for the last 40 years has been the network. 

The thought of hitting reset is daunting, but sometimes, it’s exactly what’s needed to push forward. This ethos is at the heart of this Shift Happens episode with Sri, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Nile. Tune in as he shares his philosophy on innovation and the imperative to diverge from traditional networking frameworks—embodying the spirit of “Reset, Revive, Revolutionize.”

Show Highlights Include:

  • A New Dawn for Enterprise Networking 1:46
  • Wi-Fi as a Fundamental Right: Envisioning Universal Access 2:09
  • Echoes of Amazon’s Revolution 2:32
  • Elevating Experiences: Prioritizing Service in the Digital Age 6:04
  • Core Priorities: Enhancing Performance, Availability, and Coverage 7:18
  • The Shift from Products to Services 10:13
  • Redefining Design Philosophy: Beyond the Standard Features 10:29
  • Outcome-Oriented Innovation: Backward Design for Forward Success 16:08
  • Networking’s New Horizon: Venturing Into Uncharted Territory 18:50

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