Disrupting Your Outdated Leadership Style with Caroline Wong

Thought LeaderSHIFT: Disrupting Your Outdated Leadership Style with Caroline Wong
In this podcast episode of “Shift Happens,” host Alana Bernal interviews cybersecurity expert and pioneer Caroline Wong. Caroline’s story is not only one of success but also a tale of determination, mentorship, and making a substantial impact on the cyber industry.

Caroline, who has been recognized in Forbes‘ list of inspirational female tech leaders, shares her journey in the tech world and her role as the Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt. She discusses her leadership philosophy, the importance of energy management, and her dedication to education through LinkedIn Learning courses and her book “Security Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide.”

Caroline also emphasizes the value of building a strong network and mentorship in the tech field. You can follow Caroline Wong on LinkedIn and explore her podcast, “Humans of InfoSec,” for more insights and valuable content related to cybersecurity.


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