How To Make Sure Your Company Dies Slowly (And What To Do Instead) With Nir Zuk

In the vast sea of businesses that make decent money and hold a stable position, many are doomed to fail. They lack the ability to become the “Apple” of their industry, commanding higher prices and attracting top-quality customers.

What’s the missing ingredient? It’s culture.

A remarkable culture distinguishes truly exceptional companies from the rest.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from Nir Zuk, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Palo Alto Networks. He reveals the secrets to fostering an innovative culture, where every team member takes ownership of their work and produces products of unparalleled quality, so you can outshine your competitors.

Show Highlights Include:

  • The counterintuitive reason why not putting effort into building a proper culture will lead to the eventual downfall of your company (4:18)
  • Steal “Palo Alto’s Culture Code” to create a team of killers that elevate your business to the next level with minimum effort (4:53)
  • Are you struggling to stay alive in a market that’s constantly evolving? Here’s how you can become the leader in your market by using your competitors difference to your advantage (5:44)
  • Use this “Insertion Plan” to position yourself as the best option in a saturated market (Note: This’ll allow you to charge higher prices & get better customers) (9:44)
  • How to instantly skyrocket your creativity & become an expert at solving complex problems (21:58)

Learn more about the partnership between Palo Alto Networks and Nile here.


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