Why Disruption is Non-Negotiable with Wendy Bahr

You’re going to have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Today on Shift Happens, I had the pleasure of chatting with industry veteran Wendy Bahr. With over 30 years in tech, Wendy’s journey from a trainer to holding major roles at Cisco and Rubrik is a testament to seizing opportunities and embracing disruption. She discovered her knack for tech sales by watching salespeople in action, which kicked off a successful career in telecommunications and data. Now, she’s an advisor and board member for various companies.

During our conversation, Wendy highlighted the importance of disruption, speed, agility, and adaptability in the tech world. She shared some personal stories, especially from her time at Rubrik, about making bold decisions and launching new initiatives to drive growth.

As a mentor, Wendy offered some great advice on thriving in a constantly changing environment. She stressed the importance of continuous learning and getting comfortable with discomfort. She also talked about the critical role of change management and the need for quick decision-making, inspiring listeners to drive innovation in their own careers.

You definitely don’t want to miss this episode! Wendy’s insights are not only inspiring but also incredibly practical for anyone looking to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Tune in and get ready to be motivated to embrace change and drive your own success.

Show Highlights Include:
– Introduction and Background: 00:00
– Success through Disruption: 00:02:13
– Embracing Discomfort: 00:04:47
– Speed, Agility, and Adaptability: 00:06:08
– Continuous Learning and Adaptation: 00:08:33
– Oh Shift Moment: 00:09:12
– Bold Decision Making: 00:11:42
– Connect With Wendy : 00:13:15


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