Why Should I Risk It With A Start Up?

Struggling to trust a startup? We get it! That’s why we’ve brought in Austin Hawthorne, a veteran with over 25 years in enterprise networking, to shed light on Nile’s unique offerings as a new player. This episode dives into Nile’s architecture, the importance of simplicity in network management, and the crucial role of security. If you’re curious about the future of networking and how Nile is revolutionizing the industry, this episode is a must-listen.

Listeners interested in further discussion or seeking more information can reach out to the guests via email or LinkedIn:

Austin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/austinhawthorne/
Want more Nile?

The Nile Discovered Demo: https://insights.nilesecure.com/nile-discovered-next-gen-wired-wireless-access-networks-in-action
Show Highlights Include:

  • Addressing the question of why customers should go with Nile: 00:00:50
  • The disruptive approach of Nile and positive outcomes: 00:01:20
  • Approaching the question of why customers should go with Nile: 00:02:16
  • Early adopters and understanding the opportunity: 00:02:47
  • The problem statement that Nile solves for customers: 00:04:38
  • The equation of pain overcoming the perceived risk of going with a startup: 00:06:46
  • The challenges faced by large organizations in dealing with network complexity: 00:08:16
  • Nile’s pricing advantage and ROI potential for customers: 00:12:02
  • The importance of simplicity in the customer experience with Nile: 00:14:47

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