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miles – distance between Nile team and physical planning and deployment of Israel Uniphore site


– International sites being added following success of US HQ




Palo Alto, California



The Challenge

Uniphore, a global leader in Conversational Automation and AI, is a fast-growing company with unique compliance challenges. It needed a partner to quickly deploy a reliable network to support its expansion and address its security issues, both at its domestic headquarters and at its locations around the world.

  • Meet or exceed PCI compliance standards
  • Enable fast, stress-free global network rollouts
  • Take management and maintenance burdens off of inundated IT teams

The Solution

Nile handled everything, including site surveys, network design, equipment procurement and the physical racking and stacking for both the Palo Alto headquarters and global sites. The AI-enabled Nile Access Service includes the proactive 24/7 monitoring of the network and takes care of all upgrades and security patches.

  • Unique campus zero trust security implementation protects customer cardholder data
  • HQ and global networks, backed by performance-based guarantees, delivered quickly and efficiently
  • Configuration and ongoing lifecycle management completely handled by Nile

The Results

The speed at which a secure, reliable Nile network can be deployed supports Uniphore’s growth both domestically and globally, while freeing up valuable IT time to focus on strategic infrastructure decision making. Nile is also saving Uniphore money. Full-time, on-site network engineers had been budgeted for both the US and Israel sites, but the 24/7 support that Nile provides has allowed Uniphore IT to deploy those resources elsewhere, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Campus zero trust isolation drives Uniphore’s PCI compliance
  • Lower TCO with IT resources now supporting business-critical initiatives
  • Seamless AI-enabled virtual deployment around the globe
  • Offload of IT to focus on business acceleration instead of network maintenance

Two-fold security burden

Given its SaaS business model and the companies it supports, it is vital for Uniphore to meet PCI compliance standards. PCI standards cover both technical and operational requirements to protect company and customer cardholder data. Nile’s campus zero trust security implementation enables Uniphore to meet stringent PCI compliance standards.

In addition to PCI compliance, cybersecurity threats like malware proliferation, rogue devices and social engineering must be addressed. Nile abides by strict zero trust principles that go beyond that of other vendors.

“Malware is always a concern, a constant worry,” explains Binu Rao, director of Global IT Infrastructure for Uniphore. “But with Nile’s traffic isolation, we are better able to mitigate against potential malware threats.”

The Nile solution delivers a robust security model by default and there are no “add-ons.” For example, end-to-end MACSec encryption secures against potential sniffers or rogue devices. Nile also uniquely ensures every element in the system authenticates itself, thus preventing man-in-the-middle or rogue device attacks.

No more complex configurations

The Nile Access Service eliminates IT having to spend time and money on configuration changes and the implications that change management often brings — network downtime due to human error.

“Firmware updates are so stressful. One small mistake can impact the entire company,” says Rao. “Knowing Nile is managing updates and security patches and testing them before they’re pushed out gives me peace of mind. I have my weekends back!”

Further, the continuous monitoring and lifecycle management that Nile provides for Uniphore has delivered time and money savings, which is then put back into the business, allowing laser focus on business-critical activities.

“What gave me the confidence to go forward with Nile was the 24/7 support,” says Rao. “Right from the start, Nile has been constantly monitoring the Uniphore network. They see problems before others do, and the network is constantly self tuning to prevent problem areas, so our users have excellent connectivity and maximum uptime.”

Seamless network experiences across the globe

When the time came to open a new office in Israel, Uniphore called on Nile to help build out the network remotely. Using the Israel office blueprints, Nile handled the initial site survey and planned and designed the entire network architecture. Deploying a network is never easy but when Nile did it virtually and ensured every piece of equipment was in the right place, it confirmed that Uniphore could trust Nile to embrace its entire network from end to end.

The newest Uniphore site is opening soon in India and its network will be powered by Nile. Rao is confident that Nile will be there for him from site survey to the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of a secure network backed by performance-based guarantees.

A true partner

As the market continues to evolve and grow, Uniphore is always looking for strategic partners to do things differently. Nile is that partner for Uniphore.

“The way Nile treats its customers makes them an ideal partner in this or any other venture,” Rao says. “They gave us support even when problems arose outside of the core network. They went the extra mile to get us the help we needed to make sure that everything was up and running.”

“We had budgeted for full-time, on-site network engineers at both the US and Israel sites. But with the way the Nile solution is working and functioning with 24/7 support, we’ve been able to shift away from that.”

– Binu Rao, Director of Global IT Infrastructure


“What gave me the confidence to go forward with Nile was the 24/7 support. They see problems before I ever would, and the network is constantly self tuning to prevent problem areas so our users have excellent connectivity and maximum uptime.”

– Binu Rao, Director of Global IT Infrastructure


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