Network security has continued to grow more complex with additional protocols, features and configurations leaving the network vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It’s essential to have an effective security strategy in place to mitigate risks and ensure the network and its resources are protected against potential threats.

Passwords account for over 60% of network breaches.1 Cyber-criminals and other malicious actors have matured their hacking techniques enabling them to breach even the strongest defense system and take advantage of network vulnerabilities.

Nile is engineered upon the principles of zero trust. It is built in by default and delivered out of the box without the need for additional protocols, features or configurations. By building security into every component of the infrastructure, Nile drives a holistic security experience across access, infrastructure and traffic flow. SecureW2 Cloud RADIUS leverages cloud-based authentication, minimizing the risk that comes with traditional password-based authentication. Cloud-based RADIUS offers a more secure and affordable alternative compared to an on-prem RADIUS, and the combination of the Nile Service and SecureW2 means there is zero operational overhead. The Nile Access Service seamlessly integrates with SecureW2 Cloud RADIUS so businesses can experience secure connectivity as a service.

The Nile and SecureW2 Integration


  • Nile Access Service
  • SecureW2 Connector Bundle

Joint Solution Benefits

Comprehensive Security

  • Zero trust access with IEEE 802.1x authentication for wired and wireless
  • End-to-end encryption for every connection to prevent sniffing and snooping
  • Turnkey platform for passwordless certificate-based security
  • Enforce policies with real-time user/group/device lookup against Azure, Okta, OneLogin, and Google Suite

Enterprise Wired and Wireless

  • Complete delivery of the campus enterprise network
  • Offload network operations and lifecycle management from Day 0 → Day N

About the Joint Solution:

Nile delivers the first autonomous network as a service that guarantees performance, offloads network operations and secures the network with zero trust by default. SecureW2 provides a complete solution that enables devices and users to leverage certificate-based, passwordless authentication. SecureW2 provides Nile NaaS with real-time identity context for Zero Trust access.

The partnership between Nile and SecureW2 strengthens an organization’s broader security strategy. By implementing Nile and SecureW2’s holistic zero trust model, organizations have comprehensive security measures in place to protect against threats and provide reliable, secure connectivity to authorized users based on real-time data.

Zero trust access delivers a simplified and unified access approach by leveraging technology like 802.1x, MAB, PKI, and SSO for wired and wireless networks. SecureW2 Cloud RADIUS works with the Nile Service to understand what segments users belong to. Once these user credentials are verified against identity providers, the Nile Service will apply the right policies and will enforce micro segmentation techniques to provide secure connectivity to users. The enhancement in security assures the security operations teams with zero tolerance against malicious actors.


Password-based authentication has been shown to be a gateway for security breaches and identity theft. Organizations with a distributed workforce recommend employees frequently change their passwords to help maintain security integrity on the enterprise network.

Recognizing the difference in the manner network traffic moves through and to the outside of the network, SecureW2 provides a turnkey service that works with any network infrastructure to deliver secure, certificate-based, passwordless 802.1x network security.


  • Eliminate the risk of Man-in-the-Middle credential theft and annoying password-reset disconnects.
  • Native integration with Azure AD, Okta, and Google to leverage existing policies for real-time Zero Trust network authentication.
  • Reduced complexities and overhead costs – organizations no longer must depend on LDAP or AD servers.


  • Cloud-based, Turnkey Managed Public Key Infrastructure backed by HSMs.
  • MDM Gateway APIs for automated managed device certificate enrollment, renewal, and revocation.
  • Industry-unique Cloud RADIUS designed to talk directly to Azure, Okta, & Google.
  • Self-service 802.1x BYOD onboarding software for all operating systems.
  • Single-pane management software for AAA, 802.1x onboarding & certificate lifecycle management.

See Figure 1 below to view how Nile and SecureW2 provides secure access to the enterprise network.


Secured By Nile

64% of organizations believe that network security is more difficult [to manage] than two years ago.2 Recognizing the burden of muddy security policies, a sea of security add-ons and the complexities they bring to the enterprise network, Nile engineered a network architecture to simply deliver secure and reliable connectivity. The Nile Access Service offers zero trust by default out of the box without any configurations, features or add-ons. By leveraging IEEE 802.1x, end-end-end MACSec encryption and enforcing traffic flows to the firewall, the campus enterprise network protects the business and the network from malicious actors. Visit Secured by Nile to learn more.

All-inclusive Network as a Service (NaaS)

Nile re-engineered the enterprise campus network to remove complexities and configurations, optimize IT and deliver outcomes that are important to the business. The Nile network is guaranteed to offer always-on connectivity backed by easily verifiable SLAs for availability, capacity and coverage. Every component of the Nile network is natively built with zero trust to protect users, the network and its data from social engineering, malware proliferation, man-in-the-middle and other cybersecurity threats. Nile simplifies IT operations and offloads the entirety of the network lifecycle from Day 0 site survey and install thru Day N Operations (hardware refreshes, software updates, and security patches). And it’s all delivered in a pay-as-you-go, scale-as-you-need consumption model.

About SecureW2:

SecureW2 was created with the goal of making zero-trust and certificate-driven security possible for organizations anywhere. The JoinNow Connector suite, which includes a managed PKI, onboarding for managed and unmanaged devices, and a Cloud RADIUS designed to work directly with Cloud IDPs such as Azure, Okta, and Google, has secured wired and wireless connections for thousands of organizations around the world. Each product is carefully designed to maximize security without sacrificing the end-user experience, leading to faster, more secure connections. SecureW2’s commitment to network security led to its joining the Wi-Fi Broadband Alliance in 2021, seeking to bring simple passwordless security to an even greater number of enterprises, as well as strengthen the security of roaming Wi-Fi connections.

For more details, see the SecureW2 and Nile integration guide. SecureW2 and Nile are working together to ensure the network is secure so businesses can continue innovating, competing and winning.
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[2] ESG Survey