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Transitioning to a digital campus can be a challenge when you're faced with aging infrastructure, scarce IT resources, and budget limitations—and delivering an uninterrupted wired and wireless experience can be daunting.

With Nile, not only your wired and wireless access network comes with service level guarantees for coverage, capacity, and availability, you also free up capital and resources—thanks to more than 60% savings in TCO.


Uninterrupted Connectivity at the University Of Denver

Discover how the university shaved 50% in network deployment time, achieved 3 times the network speed, while avoiding $1M capital outlay with Nile.

"Nile is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It has given me and my team time back to spend supporting our students and evaluating new technologies."
Russ Kaurloto,
CIO, University of Denver

Researching Nile: Your next-gen campus network

Learn how Nile Access Service can completely eliminate network-related IT tickets and radically accelerate the resolution of external issues, in this 30-minute webinar. Plus, see how Nile is helping real-world higher education IT leaders build their digital academic infrastructure. Here's what's in class:

Top infrastructure priorities for higher education IT leaders

Our recipe for robust connectivity across the campus

Eliminating manual operations thanks to closed loop automation of lifecycle management — from day -1 to day N

Discover the unique value behind Nile’s technology

Look Closer

Nile Access Service

With the Nile Access Service, you put an end to budget and performance compromises when it comes to your enterprise network—and never pay for features you don’t use.

You simply sit back and watch your network maintain itself, just like a modern cloud service.

Dive Deeper

Nile DHCP Service

With the Nile DHCP Service, you get to streamline dynamic IP address management across all your sites with cloud-like scale and security.

You eliminate the need to maintain on-premises DHCP servers and remove the risk of unpredictable outages.


Real-world results

Always on

connectivity that facilitates
success for students, staff, and researchers.

"Nile gives us premium Wi-Fi, switches and security that are better than anything we could build ourselves using a standard IT approach. We get an extremely high level of quality backed by service level guarantees."
Andy Goodenow, CIO

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