WEBINAR | CEOs, CIOs, and the Competitive Edge. What’s the story? • December 6th, 12:00pm PT



With focus on simplicity and automation we reengineered the network to deliver an entirely new wired and wireless experience.


CEOs, CIOs, and the Competitive Edge. What’s the story?

December 6 • 12:00 PT


Enterprise Wired and Wireless Network Security by Nile

We introduce the key principles of the Nile solution.


Security Enterprise Networks with Zero Trust Models

Join us as we talk about the security threats affecting enterprise networks.

What Makes Nile Unique?

Delivering your automated, self-driven network.

Guaranteed Performance

Nile’s service is uniquely backed by performance guarantees that can be instantly verified via a customer portal.

Unprecedented Security

The Nile service is engineered for zero trust access and to abolish snooping, incapacitate rogue devices, and kill malware proliferation.

Continuous Self-tuning

Deep instrumentation provides 360° monitoring backed by AI-driven soft-bots to ensure optimal network performance.

Automated Updates

Nile’s automation orchestrates continuous software and security patch updates without any user disruption.

Technology Refreshes

Hardware refreshes are included as part of the Nile service, freeing you from the burdens of obsolescence.

Consumption Pricing

Gain financial predictability of your network expenses with a holistic pay-per-user model.

Architected for Total Simplicity

We have completely re-engineered the enterprise network to meet the demands of cloud adoption and digital transformation. Experiencing network simplicity is the ultimate goal of Nile’s architecture.

Engineered to eliminate the source of over 74% of today’s network problems:

Expect Guaranteed Network Performance

Delivering an always-on experience for all users is the Nile objective. This requires a network design that has AI continuously driving optimal performance, highly resilient architecture ensuring stability, and a fully-redundant design establishing reliability. 

Nile SLA Dashboard

Networks shouldn’t require babysitting. They should deliver outcomes that matter:

By guaranteed, we mean backed by billing.
If we miss our commitment, you’ll be credited.

Serve Unprecedented Network Security

Built on the principles of zero trust, the Nile network trusts no one and authenticates everyone. Extending zero trust into the enterprise campus network requires the ability to secure access, deter advanced threats, and simplify policy control.

Today’s networks must include security by default, not as an add-on:

Eliminate Social Engineering

Every access request is authenticated.

Abolish Snooping

Every single connection is encrypted end-to-end.

Incapacitate Rogues

Every hardware is authenticated.

Kill Malware Proliferation

All traffic flow is bound to the firewall.

Experience a Hands-Off Network

Designed to deliver a holistic as-a-service experience that removes operational burdens, Nile delivers an all-inclusive network experience from Day 0 to Day N.

Nile takes care of your network operations:

The Nile Service


Site Survey & Architecture Planning


Automated Bill of Materials with Procurement


Installation with
Zero Config


Nile Customer Portal




Hardware Refresh,
Technology Upgrade,
Software Update,
Security Patches

What is NaaS?

End to End Lifecycle Management

From Day 0 to Day N, all included. No exceptions.

An -aaS Service Consumption Model

Demand a simple, holistic, flexible service payment system.

A Network That Focuses on Outcomes

Expect network performance outcomes, not Mean-Time-To-Resolution once a problem occurs.

Security Can't Be an Afterthought

Universal security that authenticates everyone and everything, driving the principles of zero trust.

Real-Time Visibility and Analytics

Get immediate insights into the health and performance of your service.

Nile Portal
Play Video about Nile Portal

Hear From Our Customers

It’s not uncommon for large organizations to perform hundreds or even thousands of network changes in a single month, each configuration change presenting an opportunity to make a mistake that can result in an outage and customer impact. Nile’s zero configuration architecture completely removes the need for these configuration changes, reducing your risk and improving the reliability of your operations.
David Reilly
Former Bank of America CIO, Global Banking and Markets
If you're looking for always-on connectivity for your learning environment, without the hassle, Nile is it.
Marisa Cardenas
Office Manager, St. Albert the Great Catholic School
Nile took care of every aspect of the network... in three weeks, the network was up and running and ready to support 250-plus users.
Joe Foy
Global IT Director, Sprinklr
What impressed me is that Nile built high-end hardware and software from the ground up to deliver the network as a service. They have sensors that monitor the service and let me know if users have problems before they even experience any problems.
Alex Derafshan
Infrastructure & Cloud Architect, Lunar Energy
Nile takes the day-to-day network support off our plate, allowing our IT team to become more essential to the business by driving value.
Robert Loveless
Technical Support Analyst, Maplewave
With Nile, everything is segmented and secured, from device to user to traffic flow. I have the confidence that my network performance is protected from threats.
Ford Masera
Senior Systems Engineer, SparkCognition
With Nile, there is no lateral movement of malware, and the spreading nature of all users and devices is removed.
Neil Clover
Thanks to Nile, we don’t have to worry about aging infrastructure impacting our network or procuring expensive gear. We only pay for what we use and need – not a dollar more. Conversations with my team have now shifted from hard, inflexible CAPEX costs to predictable OPEX costs that we can rely on.
Chris Moore
Zero Trust has long been a goal of many organizations, one that required a lot of network engineering time and focus, and still rarely achieved its full potential. Nile’s holistic approach to security solves the missing link for extending Zero Trust into the network.
Andy Goodenow
Chief Information Officer, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Malware is always a concern, a constant worry. But with Nile’s traffic isolation, we are better able to mitigate against potential malware threats.
Binu Rao
Director of Global IT Infrastructure, Uniphore

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