Nile DHCP: No More Servers

One cloud-powered DHCP service for all your sites and users

Streamline dynamic IP address management for your enterprise access network with cloud-like scale and security, eliminating the need for on-premises DHCP servers.

Managing DHCP offers low business ROI

DHCP automates IP assignment and ensures seamless connectivity to mobile and IoT devices across enterprise networks as organizations grow. Yet, managing a DHCP infrastructure can be very complex and unsecure, adding additional strain to IT teams.

Potential to add complexity
Open to increased risk
Managing and scaling infrastructure requires deep expertise
DHCP traffic is sent in plaintext, unencrypted
Troubleshooting issues are typically manual and slow
DHCP servers are often outdated and vulnerable to exploitations
Continuous maintenance of DHCP server infrastructure is needed
DHCP server infrastructure requires additional monitoring tools to detect and remediate malicious activities

Enhance control with Nile DHCP Service

Managing DHCP can add burden for IT organizations with limited resources. This might result in lower visibility and control as the deployment scales up, especially across distributed enterprises.

Nile DHCP puts the control back into the hands of IT by removing the risks behind:

Key Nile DHCP benefits

Cloud-powered Nile DHCP service reduces risks of disruptions from server failures while catering to the unique needs of high-growth enterprises, higher education institutions, and distributed enterprises.

For IT Executives
For IT Networking
For IT Security
For IT Operations
Cost savings: Reduce hidden OpEx burdens
Streamlined operations: Unified view to setup DHCP
Protected DHCP traffic: Protect against tampering
Reduce complexities: Zero infrastructure to manage
Reduce IT burden: Free up valuable IT resources for other vital initiatives
Automated workflows: Quickly assign and deploy DHCP infrastructure to global sites
Improved compliance: Ensure only authorized devices access the network
High scalability: Scale servers without complexities
Highly available by design: Eliminate unpredictable outages
High visibility: Intelligent alerting and logging
Mitigation of rogue devices: Protect users from phishing attacks
High resiliency: Ensure zero disruption
"We value Nile DHCP for taking care of all DHCP intricacies. We used to have to dedicate a full IT headcount just to watch the server for duplicate IP addresses being assigned. Now that person can focus on tasks that support Terralogic’s customer-first mission."
Venkatesh Jayakumar
VP of Software Solutions, Terralogic

How Nile DHCP works

Sign up, set up workflows, and enjoy scalable DHCP service for your Nile Access Service. All infrastructure, infrastructure management, and maintenance, are included as a service.

Tailored to fit different use cases

Nile DHCP eliminates the need for any on-premises infrastructure, aligning with the as-a-Service model these organizations embrace as they consume other cloud-native IT solutions at the enterprise edge.

Scalable allocation to meet the needs of a growing dynamic environment. Easily onboard BYOD and IoT devices with a resilient architecture for uninterrupted connectivity.

Deploy DHCP across distributed enterprise environments instantly. Eliminate configuration mistakes and operational burden for IT as you scale your business.

Harden network security at universities with always-on encryption for DHCP transactions and DHCP service protection.

Integrated with Nile Access Service

The Nile DHCP Service is meticulously crafted to deliver a seamless and reliable experience, leveraging advanced automation and deep instrumentation. It seamlessly integrates with the Nile Access Service, offering organizations a unified portal that combines wired and Wi-Fi access network and DHCP service orchestration, culminating in an user and operator-friendly experience.


Please contact your local Nile account team for more information or Contact Us.

No. Nile DHCP is fully integrated with the Nile Access Service and customers can use the Nile Portal to provision the service.

Similar to other network services, Nile DHCP is part of the end to end lifecycle management capabilities offered within the Nile Access Service . Customers only need to set up logical workflows with desired DHCP parameters to deploy to specified site locations.  Any changes to parameters can only be done under customer’s control.

The service utilizes multiple clusters residing in the Nile Cloud, ensuring uninterrupted availability.

Customers can use the Nile Portal they already use as part of the Nile Access Service in order to see the availability, performance, and latency of Nile DHCP.

Simplified and flexible pricing options are available for Nile DHCP. Please contact your sales representative for trials and pricing information.   

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