Security is business-critical

Enterprise networks require complete zero trust security right out of the box. No more sifting through a spaghetti bowl of options. No more multitude of security “add-ons”. Experience a network engineered from the ground up to simply deliver secure connectivity.


Trust nothing. Authenticate everything.
Protect against unauthorized access

Eliminate Tailgating Social Engineering Attacks

Every single connection, across wired and wireless, is authenticated. Whether it be a user with multiple devices that moves across the site or stationary IoT devices, IEEE 802.1X authenticates all users and before granting network access.


Engineered to always protect the service infrastructure, encrypt all network traffic, and detect network anomalies right out of the box.

Abolish Rogue and MITM Devices

Protect against snooping and sniffing attacks with always-on encryption for every single connection via MACsec. Ensure zero rogue devices with TPM fingerprinting that authenticates every system in the service. Protect against MitM attacks and unauthorized access with service-native WIDS/WIPS.


User devices can become infected anywhere. And when those infected devices join your enterprise network, that’s a serious security threat. 

Prevent Malware Proliferation

With Zero Trust Isolation, every single connection, across wired and wireless, is prevented from peer-to-peer communication. By centralizing policy control at the firewall, this user level micro-segmentation prevents lateral movement of malware.

Enterprise Wired & Wireless Security by Nile

Learn how Nile has engineered a complete enterprise network system around the principles of zero-trust to protect the network against advanced threats.

NaaS Must Include Extensive WIDS/WIPS

Wireless networks are subject to attach from a variety of security threats. The Nile Access Service includes safeguards to detect and prevent wireless intrusion.

Security Standards & Trust

Nile has also designed and engineered operations for security and trust. See how our approach helps meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Securing Enterprise Networks with Zero Trust Models

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