CEOs, CIOs, and the Competitive Edge. What’s the story?

30 mins

The cloud has completely transformed the way today’s businesses operate. Businesses can now scale with unprecedented ease, avoid capex sinking infrastructure costs while enjoying consumption-based pricing. It’s a model that drives agility, flexibility, and thus a competitive edge.  

However, today’s enterprise networks struggle to keep up the same pace. High costs, network complexities and risky vulnerabilities impact every business’ competitive edge.  

Join legendary executives Bank of America former CIO, David Reilly and Nile CEO, Pankaj Patel as they discuss key factors that can halt digital-innovation efforts. Hear how Nile helps drive a competitive edge with a network as a service solution that solves these hurdles. 

Presented by:

David Reilly
Former CIO, Bank of America
Pankaj Patel
CEO, Nile

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CEOs, CIOs, and the Competitive Edge. What’s the story?

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