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The Challenge

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Tr1X is focused on engineering cures for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The Series-A startup recently took a symbolic step in its evolution – it moved out of the biotech accelerator where it began its journey and into a stand-alone corporate headquarters of its own. While this was cause for celebration, there was one challenge: at this early stage, the entire Tr1X operations team consists of just three people, none of which are IT specialists. The task of getting a network up and running fell to an unlikely candidate, Tr1X Co-Founder, Senior Director of Operations and General Counsel, Jonathan Perrin, who is a lawyer by training.

  • Deploy a reliable infrastructure with the capacity to support corporate and research users with no in-house IT expertise
  • Deliver an enterprise-class network at a price point a startup can afford

The Solution

When Perrin learned that Nile takes care of the network from Day-1 through Day-N operations, he was sold. He made the call, described what he needed, and implemented a full wired and wireless Nile Access Service in the new Tr1X headquarters in record time. He reports that the planning, design and installation process was fantastic, and today, Tr1X enjoys a network that provides the coverage and capacity that is exceeding user expectations.

  • AI-enabled Nile Access Service delivers fast and secure connectivity
  • Intuitive Nile Customer Portal provides effortless visibility into network operations
  • Simple-to-use, highly-secure guest network
  • Nile’s wired and wireless equipment showed up in record time – no supply chain issues whatsoever

The Results

Nile provided the performance, future-proofing and IT expertise Tr1X needed in a pricing structure that just made sense. Perrin is confident that his Nile Access Service will scale with the fast-growing company well into the future. As Tr1X grows, he can easily add to his existing service as part of Nile’s lifecycle management model.

  • Nile Access Service eliminates the IT management and maintenance burden
  • Delivery of the network in an OpEx vs CapEx model eliminates unpredictable, costly and complex network refresh cycles
  • A stable and reliable network that supports corporate users and research initiatives with performance guarantees
  • Nile’s optional PoP Guest Service eliminates lateral movement and traditional guest access security concerns

“The Nile network runs itself.”

– Jonathan Perrin, Co-Founder, Senior Director of Operations and General Counsel, Tr1X

Eliminating the IT deployment and management burden

“Given my lack of IT expertise, Nile provided a welcome option,” says Perrin. “I was able to lean on the expertise of the Nile team in finding a network solution that was right for us.”

Perrin was looking for a “set it and forget it” solution and that’s exactly what he got with Nile.

“Beyond monitoring network status and approving the use of IoT and user devices as needed, the Nile network runs itself,” he says.

Perrin finds the AI-enabled Nile Customer Portal very user friendly for accessing relevant network information and running reports. He uses it every day to monitor network performance, which is particularly helpful when he’s not on site.

Connectivity at the biotech accelerator where Tr1X was previously located was notoriously bad, and a major pain point for everyone in the organization. So Perrin knew he also had to make sure no one had to endure those types of Wi-Fi problems at the new facility.

“We’ve had zero issues with the Nile service since it was activated,” he says.

Getting the solution at the right price and on time

Another key consideration in selecting Nile was cost, and not just in terms of the up-front expenditure. Nile’s holistic pricing model eliminates the need for future CapEx when the hardware needs to be upgraded. In addition, implementing Nile has allowed Tr1X to push out hiring an internal IT person for at least a year.

“Nile was simply a better value for the money, and every dollar counts at a startup,” says Perrin.

Hardware availability was also a factor. The residual impact of COVID means that many other providers are still experiencing very long supply chain lead times, making hardware procurement for deploying networks on an accelerated timetable nearly impossible. Nile had everything Tr1X needed on hand and was ready to get to work.

“Nile was simply a better value for the money, and every dollar counts at a startup.”

– Jonathan Perrin, Co-Founder, Senior Director of Operations and General Counsel, Tr1X

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