Top 10 Nile Innovations for Digital Workplaces

Digital workplaces promise improved team productivity and real estate value, but may hit a roadblock with aging network infrastructure. Limited IT resources and budgets add to the challenge as enterprises aim to extract more value from their real estate investments.

To bridge your innovation gap, the Nile Access Service delivers the agility you need with a cloud-native software delivery model. It’s industry first capability in automating network operations with AI overcomes complex network designs, and countless hours of maintenance.


Why Clari selected Nile

With Nile, Clari reimagined their office network with cloud-first design, moving past legacy architectures. Clari’s Nile network was delivered in just two weeks from demo to deployment and without requiring upfront capital expenditure.

"I wish all my vendors were like Nile: simple and transparent. From our initial meeting to network design to installation of the Nile Access Service, everything happened in just a few weeks."
Marcus Chan, IT Operations Manager

Move your office network at the speed of the cloud

Learn about enterprise priorities for navigating the shift to digital workspaces in this 30-minute, on-demand webinar. We'll share real customer stories to show you how Nile helps IT teams eliminate operational burden with closed loop automation of lifecycle management. Here's what's on the agenda:

Top infrastructure priorities for enterprise IT leaders
Why choose Nile for your office network?
Nile’s impact on network tickets, security compliance, and software maintenance

It Gets Better: Additional Services

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Nile DHCP Service

You can streamline dynamic IP address management for your Nile network across all your sites with cloud-like scale and security.

This eliminates the need to maintain on-premises DHCP servers and removes the risk of unpredictable outages.

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Nile Guest Service

You can isolate guest traffic on your Nile network by tunneling it to the closest Nile point of presence (PoP).

This protects your internal corporate resources and eliminates separate infrastructure to support guest users across your sites.

Real-world results

Reduce risk

by protecting your network, your users, and your assets with zero trust isolation.

“Nile Guest Service allows us to provide internet access for visitors while isolating them from internal network resources. It decreases the possibility of a data breach and accelerates network troubleshooting.”
Albert Jong, Senior IT Engineer

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