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Welcome to Shift Happens, your portal to exclusive conversations with industry shapers, where we offer a unique perspective from thought leaders like you've never heard before. Let's make shift happen!
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35 min
From Working with Mother Theresa to Head of Engineering with Bhaskar Ghosh, CTO at 8VC
From rubbing shoulders with the who’s who in Silicon Valley to sharing tea with Mother Teresa, Ghosh’s colorful journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Discover how he’s breaking barriers, innovating industries, and stirring up seismic shifts in tech.
30 min
Why Traditional Networking Vendors Are Failing Enterprises
In this episode, we have Ozer, the head of Solutions Marketing at Nile! He brings a wealth of experience from the networking industry, including roles at Celona and Aruba. His journey to Nile, fueled by a desire to solve real customer problems, provides a unique perspective on enterprise networking.
12 min
SPACESHIFT: Why Organizations Are Failing with Zero Trust
In this episode of Shift Happens, we dive into the controversial world of zero trust. But here’s the catch: no one really understands what it is!
21 min
Thought LeaderSHIFT: Disrupting Your Outdated Leadership Style with Caroline Wong
In this podcast episode of “Shift Happens,” host Alana Bernal interviews cybersecurity expert and pioneer Caroline Wong. Caroline’s story is not only one of success but also a tale of determination, mentorship, and making a substantial impact on the cyber industry.
25 min
Thought LeaderSHIFT: Nir Zuk on How To Make Sure Your Company Dies Slowly (And What To Do Instead)
In the vast sea of businesses that make decent money and hold a stable position, many are doomed to fail. They lack the ability to become the “Apple” of their industry, commanding higher prices and attracting top-quality customers.
1 min
Meet the Host Alana Bernal: Get your SHIFT together!
Welcome to Shift Happens, your portal to exclusive conversations with industry shapers, where we offer a unique perspective from thought leaders like you’ve never heard before. Join us as we unpack the strategies and stories of those at the forefront of industry change, providing fresh insights into their inspiring journeys while delving into the hottest tech topics shaping our digital landscape. Let’s make shift happen!
Alana Bernal
Head of Communications & Podcasts
Alana, a true Bay Area native, is a passionate conversationalist who thrives on engaging with the industry pioneers shaping the digital landscape. Her insatiable curiosity leads her to deep and insightful discussions with industry veterans, ranging from innovators who have created entirely new categories to those who worked alongside Mother Teresa. Alana's enthusiasm ensures that every discussion is not only informative but also fun.
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